Don’t Be Fooled by Specs: Cubepilot Explains IMU Choice for CubeOrange Plus

cube orange

Cubepilot‘s decision to not offer a cube with an ADIS IMU is based on extensive testing and research. While the ADIS IMU may look good on paper, the smaller units like the 16470 do not meet the standards of larger ADIS modules. The biggest issue with these units is their axis misalignment numbers, which can be up to 2 degrees, making it impossible to unscramble the data.

Cubepilot’s CubeOrange Plus, on the other hand, offers a triple redundant balanced IMU system on a dual frequency isolation system, making it a more stable, reliable, and precise option. It is available in two isolation setups, IA (the industry standard) and IB (for craft with a clear natural frequency at 80-90hz, which is very rare).

While Cubepilot recognizes that some people have a need of high-end ADIS sensors, they believe that it’s important to recognise that the low end ADIS sensors are not in that same class, and that one expensive ADIS on a single frequency isolation cannot possibly be considered “better” than their triple redundant balanced IMU system. If you require a high-end ADIS sensor, you can simply connect it externally and use it as a 4th IMU.

At Cubepilot, we prioritize quality and reliability in our products, and the CubeOrange Plus with its triple redundant balanced IMU system is a testament to that.

16470 is not a high quality ADIS module, it is affordable.. recognise the difference, and choose wisely.

If however you INSIST on having a low cost adis sensor, not improving your performance and paying a lot of money.. we can sell you a cube orange (not so) pro, by special order. And you can decide for yourself. Or, plug in a high quality ADIS sensor externally..

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