Elegoo OrangeStorm Giga: Goliath’s 3D printer

OrangeStorm Giga is Elegoo’s biggest industrial-grade FDM 3D printer, announced today on Kickstarter, and comes with the possibility of installing 3 additional printing heads for batch printing. It can print four models at the same time using different colors. This machine is ideal for hobbyists and small businesses as well.

Elegoo OrangeStorm Giga has a beautifully made cubic all-metal frame and uses a powerful 64-bit 1.5GHz quad-core processor (Rockcho RK3328 SOC), which provides enough computing power for ultra-fast and precise printing. With a maximum speed of 300mm/s, it outpaces most of its competitors in the same size class. Theoretically, if all four printheads are installed, the speed is four times faster, perfect for batch production.

The 7-inch HD capacitive screen is positioned in the up-right corner but can be detached from the body for handheld operation while supporting the ELEGOO Cura model preview. The caterpillar cable tracks prevent the cables from being worn or broken and make the machine look professionally clean.

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With an 800x800x1000mm printing size, you can print a 1-meter tall garden smurf :). By comparison, Elegoo’s previous XXL 3D printer, the Neptune 4 Max, has a build volume of “just” 420x420x480mm.

Out of the box, it comes with a 0.6mm nozzle. Elegoo says that there will also be an extra nozzle kit (0.4mm*1, 0.6mm*1, 0.8mm*1, 1.0mm*1) included in the package.

The huge 80x80cm build platform is divided into four separate 40x40cm PEI sheets. The four platforms can be heated simultaneously to reach 90°C over the entire area in 17 minutes. When installed with four printheads, it turns into four 3D printers that work in tandem. The OrangeStorm Giga can be installed directly on the floor and has four metal knobs to level the machine.

Four pint heads installed on the OrangeStorm Giga machine

Nine key features of the Elegoo OrangeStorm Giga

1. Gigantic in print size

With a build volume of 800mm x 800mm x 1000mm, the industrial-grade FDM printer not only meets the user’s printing needs for oversized models but also reduces the need to cut models into smaller sections for efficient printing.

2. Ultra-fast silent printing

  • Utilizing a 64-bit 1.5G clock speed quad-core high-performance processor (SOC RK3328), it provides sufficient computing capacity while delivering 6 times the printing speed, with a maximum speed of 300mm/s (150mm/s recommended), which is the top end print speed for printers of its size.
  • The XYZE axes all adopt silent drives to effectively reduce the noise to achieve low decibel operation, which creates a more comfortable printing ambient experience and adds to the fun of printing. (X-axis TMC2209 driver, Y-axis TMC5160 driver, Z-axis 35774*2pcs, E-axis TMC2209 driver)

4. Efficient Heated auto-leveling bed

  • The heated bed consists of four independent (410*410mm) PEI magnetic high-temperature platforms with a maximum temperature of 90°C. The four platforms can be heated simultaneously to reach 90°C over the entire area in 17 minutes, and the platform where the model is located can also be automatically recognized and heated independently or manually and independently controlled for increased energy efficiency.
  • Adopting one-click automatic leveling and a non-contact high-precision sensor to automatically collect 121-point (11*11) of platform data to ensure the platform is level.

5. Upgraded Multi-Nozzle Printing

  • The newly upgraded 300℃ high-temperature nozzle adopts a proximal double-gear extrusion structure and full titanium alloy heat pipe. At the same time, the nozzle is upgraded with a 60W ceramic heating pad + chrome zirconium copper heating block for smoother and more uniform extrusion, which improves the printing precision. In addition, the nozzle PID auto-calibration function provides more precise control of the nozzle temperature, and the built-in acceleration sensor automatically calibrates resonance compensation parameters to ensure print quality further and enhance your printing experience.
  • Three additional nozzles can be added to the X-axis to realize simultaneous printing with four nozzles, supporting printing four of the same model, while each nozzle can be equipped with the same material and different color filament to achieve four different colored models of the same kind.

6. High-quality craftsmanship and Caterpillar Cable Tracks

  • Integrated body, elegant yet durable. Both the X-axis and Y-axis are linear guides, which effectively improve printing stability and increase the lifespan. The Z-axis features an upgraded version of the Z-Axis rod to make the machine run smoothly and ensure the precision of leveling.
  • The cables on the body are stored in caterpillar cable tracks, which prevents the cables from being worn or broken, and you don’t have to worry about them affecting your prints. Furthermore, it prevents dust and other debris from entering the cables, ensuring the stability and reliability of the entire system.7

7. Filament Detection and Power Loss Recovery

No more worrying about being interrupted while printing. When there is a broken filament or no filament, the machine automatically sounds an alarm and pauses printing. Whether it’s broken filament, no filament, power outage, or a manual pause in printing, you can resume printing again.

8. Powerful Cooling Fan

Thickened double-sided cooling fans can comprehensively enhance the model printing results. In addition, the fans are equipped with an intelligent control function that stops working when printing is complete, which saves energy and reduces noise as well as prolongs the lifespan.

(5015 ball blower fan*2, 4010 ball axial fan*1)

9. Portable 7-inch HD Capacitive Screen

The 7-inch HD capacitive screen can be detached from the body for handheld operation while supporting ELEGOO Cura model preview and switching between eight languages.

Pricing and availability

Like many Eleggo projects, the OrangeStorm Giga was released first on Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative projects. The early bird price is just $1250 (this promotional price is valid for the first 100 bookers!), full price is $2500.

Optional parts, accessories, and materials

  • Camera: $20
  • Printhead: $50
  • 3KG PLA Filament (1.75mm): $50
  • 5KG PLA Filament (1.75mm): $80
  • Large Spool Holder: $50
  • Nozzle Kit (0.4mm*5, 0.6mm*5, 0.8mm*5, 1.0mm*5): $20
  • 4 Pcs PEI Magnetic Platforms: $100
OrangeStorm Giga 3D printer installed on floor
OrangeStorm Giga 3D printer installed on floor