EMC Operations Group, Sentian Class System

EMC Operations Group, Sentian Class System (in collaboration with Sentian Aerospace:) an XPLORER UAS 2.0 being produced.

A long-range autonomous drone designed for both advanced strategic ISR missions and combat operations, with specialised modular payloads alongside modular VTOL capability used to adapt to operational requirements. Here are some characteristics:

-Wingspan: 6.4m
-Length: 3.0m
-Height: 1.3m

-Cruising speed: 120km/h
-Max Speed: 300km/h

-VTOL Capable, Carrier Takeoff Capable, Hover Capable.
-VTOL pylons swappable for extra payload.

-Endurance: 24hr
-Range: 3000km (with all range Satlink and 200km+ Radiolink.)
-Max Altitude: 20,000ft

-MTOW: 150kg
-Payload: 50kg, Modular and Detachable, inclusive of:

LIDAR Sensor/Designator
Various advanced electro-optical sighting suites.
Infrared (FLIR) thermal imaging sighting suites.
Extra fuel tanks for ultra-long endurance.
Sonar system for depth analysis.
Potential weapons payloads.

-Modular assembly for simple logistics, transport, storage, and deployment.

-Dual engines powered by STANAG 95 Octane Petrol (F-95) which can be electric-hybridised.

XPLORER harnesses some brilliant technology.

With true autonomous mission execution, XPLORER can be tasked, and subsequently scan/inspect ISR points of interest to make determinations and give solid feedback (e.g determinations of: Are enemy logistics routes damaged? Is enemy powerplant apparatus corroded? What’s the water level of an enemy reservoir? How much has an enemy stockpile changed in quantity since last week?…TRUE autonomy in flying, and constant tracking of objects, comparison of prior imaging and video, all alongside TRUE ISR, which is fundamentally truly autonomous inspection by a sighting suite or alternate payload.

This is just the first of 3 Sentian Class UAS that we’re excited to begin sharing more about!

If you have any questions about XPLORER, or any of our other Sentian Class Unmanned Aerial Systems, get in touch with us