‘Flatpack’ drone presented to Defence College for Military Capability Integration presented to the Defence College for Military Capability Integration (DCMCI)

tanglewood corvo

Developed in partnership with the Australian Army and SYPAQ Systems, and exclusively distributed across Europe and the Middle East by the Tanglewood Group, the ‘Corvo’ PPDS is a low-cost, disposable Unmanned Ariel System (UAS) designed to meet the complexities of battlefield missions.

The airframe is made from foldable, wax-coated foam board, and can be easily and quickly assembled from a flat pack configuration using tools delivered with the kit. Weighing 2,400 grams unloaded and with a payload capacity of 3,000 grams, once launched the PPDS autonomously transits to the programmed target location where it lands unassisted.

The PPDS can be launched by either catapult or by hand, allowing for rapid deployment in physically restricted areas, with minimal set-up of the launch apparatus.

The payload can then be recovered from the air vehicle and if necessary, the avionics and motor module salvaged for re-use and re-deployment. The airframe can be reused, repaired, or discarded as required.

Depending on the payload it is carrying, the PPDS has a range of between 25 and 75 miles and the ability to stay airborne for between one and three hours. It has a cruising speed of just under 40 miles per hour.

Tanglewood Company Director Richard Glyn-Jones said:

“The versatility of this platform, that is in essence a ‘flying shoebox,’ allows the war fighter to innovate in the battlespace, as has been proven in Ukraine. The PPDS can be easily transported, quickly assembled, and sent off on autonomous missions that might include the delivery of food, water, or medical supplies. Alternatively, it can be used as a comms repeater or an intelligence, surveillance or reconnaissance (ISR)/mapping platform.”

Sharon Brookes, Director of DCMCI said:

“We are delighted to be able to accept the ‘Corvo’ PPDS which is both unique and innovative.  As a college it is vitally important for us in developing defence’s technological edge to be able to showcase and share new and emerging technologies with our students.  We look forward to continuing to build on the relationship we now have with Richard and the wider Tanglewood Group.”

DCMCI is the principal technical college at the Defence Academy, providing training and education for the UK armed forces, civil servants, international allies, and industry partners.

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