FLSUN S1 and T1: Enclosed High-Speed Delta 3D printers

This week, I was contacted by FLSUN on the occasion of the launch of two new 3D printer models. FLSUN S1 and T1 adopt a delta design and enclosed full metal frame structure. Besides the different build volumes, these two machines have many other significant differences, which is expected as the S1 costs two times more than the T1.

Besides the smaller footprint, the most important advantage of Delta 3D printers over Cartesian-style (X, Y, Z) machines is the higher printing speed due to the smaller movements needed to create the same model.

Priced at $1,299, the FLSUN S1 is the company’s new flagship model. It promises 1200mm/s max speed and 40000mm/s acceleration. Its all-metal hot-end can reach up to 350℃ temperatures, allowing the use of industrial-grade filaments. It has a 320*320*430 mm build volume. Like most delta printers, it uses a circle print platform instead of a rectangular one used by cartesian machines. To ensure printing quality and accuracy control, the S1 is equipped with a Microtac Radar. The built-in AI camera supports spaghetti and debris detection, real-time process monitoring, and time-lapse photography.

The built-in filament drying chamber with temperature and humidity monitoring is an excellent addition to the FLSUN S1.

If you are on a tight budget, the FLSUN T1 is probably more suitable for you. It is capable of 1000mm/s max printing speed with 30000mm/s acceleration and has up to 300℃ nozzle temperature.

Despite its friendly price, the FLSUN T1 also features a built-in AI camera, HEPA air filter, vibration compensation, and auto-leveling. This delta 3d machine has a 260x330mm build volume.

While the Flsun T1 incorporates a 4.3-inch color touch screen, it’s pricier brother a 7″ display. Both models run on FLsun OS, instead of the much popular open-source KLIPPER firmware.

Pricing and availability

The FLSUN S1 and T1 were officially released on 23 November 2023. The T1 can be ordered for $499.00, and the S1 for $1,299.00. Delivery from the Chinese warehouse will start on 31 January 2024 for the S1, and 15 February 2004 for the T1.