For Sale – DJI Matrice 210

For Sale – DJI Matrice 210

It’s in absolute mint commercial condition with very low use, infact it has under 1 hour of flight time and it still even smells ‘box fresh’ – it’ll be a perfect replacement to another commercial operator’s existing but now probably ageing M210.

It has served as ARC Aerial Imaging’s backup (including the cameras that are listed) to another M210 and which is operated/maintained by a commercial UAV-operating company however it’s surplus to current requirements.

It comes fitted with and includes the following ancillaries:

1 x DJI Matrice 210 UAV (with dual downward and a single upward gimbal mounts with an external GPS kit);
1 x DJI Hardcase;
8 x 1760S Propellers (4 x sealed);
1 x DJI Cendence Remote Controller;
1 x DJI 7.85” CrystalSky Monitor;
4 x DJI TB50 Batteries (low charges);
3 x DJI WB37 Batteries;
1 x DJI Zenmuse Z30 Camera (with case);
1 x DJI Zenmuse X4S Camera (with case);
1 x DJI IN2C180 180W Power Adapter;
1 x DJI TB50/TB55 Battery Charging Hub;
2 x DJI WB37 WCH2 Battery Charging Hub.

Having itemised all of the above and researched their current ‘second hand’ value even though they’ve all had hardly any use it’s worth is around £7,500 however looking to sell at an NON-NEGOTIABLE and REDUCED £5,000 for all. Listed items won’t be separated – it all comes as a complete package!

Teesside/North Yorkshire-based seller and for viewings including a test flight can be arranged.

Serious equipment for serious enquirers so no timewasters and should a buyer purchase it as an asset for business purposes, a sales receipt can also be drawn up and provided upon picking up – it will not be sent in post or via courier means.

For more information, please read again!

ARC Aerial Imaging Limited
UK CAA Operational Authorisation No 685

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