FPV Guidebook: Illustrated Diagrams for newcomers in FPV World

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Have you ever found yourself up late, searching for flight controller or receiver pinouts, or struggling to recall product details? Have you posted a question online, only to wait hours for a response that comes after you’ve already solved the issue yourself? Or perhaps you’re tired of constantly running back and forth between your soldering station and computer while working on a quad build, wishing for a convenient FPV resource guide to streamline your workflow? Well, now you have one.

Introducing FPV Guidebook, a series of books featuring illustrated diagrams of the most frequently used components in FPV drones and RC electronics hobby. These diagrams provide clear visual representations and offer essential details such as product dimensions, specifications, pinouts, component ID, build suggestions, and more. Say goodbye to rummaging through messy drawers or shoeboxes for those manufacturer diagrams. With the FPV Guidebook, you’ll have all the vital information at your fingertips in a clear and concise visual format.

FPV Guidebook: The History

Crafted in 2022 by Ray Noland, an illustrator and FPV pilot, FPV Guidebook initially emerged as a means to document his personal progress in the hobby. Recognizing the challenge of recalling product details after periods of time, the project began to catalog components for personal reference. As the illustrations took shape, a new appreciation for the engineering aesthetics of these components emerged. This led to the idea of creating a printed reference guide — a way to combine artistic expression, quad building, and flying into a unique FPV brand.

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The initial series includes five editions within Volume One. The first two editions are available for purchase in the US and EU through the official website, fpv-guidebook.com. The new Edition Two focuses primarily on Sub250g build components. It meticulously illustrates each SMD component on the boards, aiming to identify as many as possible. This edition offers comprehensive visual references and includes a complete 2-inch AlfaRC, Avatar HD, and Apex build guide. This guide includes a wiring diagram, top plate velcro template, and TPU downloads. Also featured are tips for improving analog video reception and a tutorial on motor screw removal. Each edition showcases approximately 50 components, spanning flight controllers, receivers, RC controllers, motors, cameras, and more, totaling over 250 components.

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The book is universally valuable, no matter where you’re from or where you live. The need for such a resource becomes even more apparent if you’re situated in a timezone distant from countries with large pilot communities. The book series spotlights the most discussed and acquired components in the field. Whether you’re dealing with a second-hand component without documentation or you’ve misplaced the original paperwork, FPV Guidebook has got you covered.

FPV Guidebook: The Future

Anticipate upcoming editions covering topics like 5-inch quads, foam wings, and CineWhoops. Join the newsletter on the official website for updates and news. Special thanks are extended to the companies and pilots who continue to offer their support.

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