H.R 2864 passes from sub to full committee 21-0

H.R 2864 passes from sub to full committee 21-0

This one is worth thinking about and it’s still moving, the clever FCC route. In some ways, this apes the proposed TikTok ban.

Given that we are one day past RID day in the USA and from comments I have seen online most of the community has been living under a rock for the last five years and knows nothing about it, I expect the masses have ignored H.R.2864 as well.

So in brief –

The Countering CCP Drones Act, also known as H.R.2864, is a piece of legislation in the United States Congress aimed at addressing security concerns related to drone technology manufactured by Chinese companies, particularly DJI.

  • Targets DJI: The bill specifically targets telecommunications equipment and video surveillance services produced by DJI.
  • FCC Role: The Act directs the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to add DJI to its “Covered List” This list includes equipment or services that pose a potential security risk to the United States.
  • Impact of FCC Listing: Being on the Covered List essentially restricts DJI products from operating on U.S. communication infrastructure. The FCC would no longer be able to authorize new DJI drone models for use in the U.S., making them effectively unusable.

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Proponents of the Act argue that DJI drones could be susceptible to hacks by the Chinese government, allowing them to collect data or even carry out physical attacks. They believe this poses a threat to national security.

Opponents of the Act argue that it stifles innovation and unfairly targets a specific company. They also express concern that the ban could harm American businesses and organizations that rely on DJI drones for various purposes.


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