HoverAir X1: Selfie drone for TikTok and other content creators

HoverAir X1 Airselfie

This morning, scrolling through TikTok videos, I came across a post from a content creator that showed its new selfie drone, the HoverAir X1. Like the AEE Sparrow, AirSelfie Air Neo S, or Simtoo Hoshi 007, the Zero Zero Robotic X1 Airselfie drone also has a caged design. The drone can be folded to fit inside your pocket, making it extremely portable.

This Airselfie drone has an onboard gimbal-stabilized camera that can capture 2.7K@30fps, FHD 1920×1080@60fps, or FHD@30fps videos for the HDR mode. The camera additionally uses electronic image stabilization (EIS) and horizon leveling to ensure smooth footage even in windy conditions. Thanks to the five creative flight modes (Hover, Follow, Orbit, Zoom Out, or Bird’s Eye), the drone can perform autonomous flights, allowing you to do anything you want while you remain in the center of the frame.

The HOVERAir X1 is made of highly durable and flexible material. The fully enclosed design makes it safe to launch from your hand and fly around crowds or children without worry. When collapsed, it measures 127×86×31mm and unfolded 127×145×30mm. It weighs 125 grams, including the built-in 32GB memory and flight battery.

According to the manufacturer’s specs, the 1050mah battery allows about 11 minutes of flight time.

HoverAir X1’s key features

  • [Multiple Intelligent Flight Paths] By selecting a mode and pressing a button, X1 will take off and fly by itself. You can capture the moment while staying in the moment. Have fun playing the lead in your video. Choose from Hover, Follow, Orbit, Zoom Out, or Bird’s Eye to create your best social media share.
  • [3-second Palm Take-Off] The HoverAir X1 takes off from the palm of your hand at the touch of a button. There’s no need to connect a controller and frame your shot – you’re the focus of every shot.
  • [Triple Video Stabilization System] Combining a mechanical gimbal, electronic image stabilization (EIS), and horizon leveling, the triple stabilization system ensures smooth videos.
  • [VIO Positioning System] VIO enables centimeter-level precision without compass calibration. Unlike GPS, you never need to wait for the connection to satellites and can fly easily indoors.
  • [Shoot, Preview, and Share] The HoverAir X1 APP offers a streamlined shooting experience. Live preview and manual control allow you to adjust your shoots in real time. After shooting, you can quickly and easily download and share your social moments.

In the video below, David Manning explains how easy it is to use this selfie drone.

[embedded content]

Pricing and package options

The X1 Pocket-Sized Self-Flying Camera is available at thehover.com in four package options (Standard, Combo, Combo Plus, and Gift) with a starting price of $349.00. You can choose from white and black colors. Spare batteries are available for 40 bucks, and a protective PU case for $35. At Banggood, the “Fly More Combo” kit with two included batteries is priced at $629.

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