Israeli Drone Companies Unite to Present Advanced Autonomous BVLOS Security Solution

DSC03960Showcasing the Future of Security: Autonomous Drone Technology in Action in Israel

In a recent collaborative effort, three prominent Israeli drone companies—High Lander Aviation, Sentrycs, and Cando Drones—hosted a three-day demonstration at Caesarea Business Park to exhibit an autonomous security solution designed to counter threats from both ground and air. This event, named “Caesarea Live Display 2024,” attracted a notable audience, including representatives from city municipalities, police forces, security sectors, and a range of embassy delegations.

The focus of the showcase was the Orion drone fleet management platform developed by High Lander. This advanced system demonstrated rapid response capabilities against simulated threats. For ground-based incidents, drones were launched autonomously from charging stations to the incident scenes, maintaining pre-set altitudes. They provided live video feeds and telemetry data to the command center before returning to their bases. The system also showcased its proficiency in countering air incursions by detecting and safely landing non-cooperative drones for further investigation.

DSC04319DSC04319Key features of the Orion system, such as AI-powered object detection, tracking, real-time map display of operations, and manual drone control, were highlighted. This comprehensive display emphasized the system’s ability to handle multiple flights simultaneously, showcasing a significant advancement in drone technology and operational efficiency.

Alon Abelson, CEO of High Lander, expressed pride in the event’s success, stating, “I am extremely proud of this event. Our goal was both to demonstrate state of the art security technology, and also to provide a forum connecting key players of the Israeli drone ecosystem with city municipalities, public safety organizations, and state security services. We achieved all this, and more.” He further credited Israel’s position at the forefront of aviation innovation to the country’s thriving tech sector and the progressive policies of the Israel Innovation Authority and the CAAI.

Sentrycs, recognized for its global leadership in counter-drone technology, contributed the counter-drone features to the system. Meir Avidan, Sentrycs’ Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, emphasized the importance of safe skies and the company’s role in securing them against unauthorized drones.

advanced drone securityadvanced drone security

Alon Kloss, COO and founder of Cando Drones, highlighted the significance of drones in smart urban infrastructures, praising their ability to provide real-time, accurate information which supports decision-making processes and enhances situational awareness.

The event not only showcased technological prowess but also underlined the potential of drones in enhancing public security, border control, and emergency services. Michael Charsanti, CEO of the Caesarea Development Company, remarked on the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of integrating autonomous drones into security systems, noting the positive impact on insurance premiums for companies within the Caesarea Business Park.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the use of drone technology for security and operational efficiency, setting a precedent for future innovations in the field.

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