KOSPET TANK T3 Ultra review: A near-perfect rugged smartwatch

Kospet T3 Ultra

The last time I wore a watch was in the 80s, a Casio with a built-in scientific calculator that can be considered the great-grandfather of today’s modern smartwatches like the KOSPET TANK T3 Ultra.

This month, Kospet updated their T and M series smart watches. The T3 Ultra and M3 Ultra share similar features but have different designs. The built-in GPS module is the difference between the Ultra and non-Ultra versions.

The KOSPET TANK T3 Ultra is a rugged multisport GPS smartwatch with 170+ Sports Modes for Android and IOS phones. It is a high-quality, military-grade wearable gear that provides advanced health monitoring, extreme temperature operation, and accurate dual-band satellite positioning, making it the ultimate outdoor companion.

KOSPET T3 Ultra hands-on review

Disclosure: I received this rugged smartwatch in a product review collaboration with Kospet. Although the product was free, all opinions in this article remain mine, and the sponsor did not influence me.

As mentioned at the beginning of my review, the Tank T3 is my first smartwatch, but I have been reading about these wearable gadgets lately as I wanted to get one for my 14-year-old son. I wanted him a watch that, besides showing the time, can monitor his heart rate during sports activities, stress level, and sleeping program, so I was happy when I was contacted to test a watch that fits my needs.

Daily sports goals

Daily sports goals

Kospet sent me the Tank T3 Ultra rugged smartwatch through ZBANX -their marketing representative. The agency’s guidelines had a lot of instructions about writing the review, but I told them I was fine with them as long as my article could remain honest. After a few days of receiving the smartwatch, they contacted me again to see if I had already published my article. When I review a product, I allocate at least 2-3 weeks to evaluate it thoroughly, so I hope they will understand the delay.



At a glance

The KOSPET TANK T3 Ultra comes in a compact box with a magnetic USB charger and a glass screen protector. Once you remove the lid, you first see the watch hanging out from a protective foam. The liquid silicone strap comes separately, and you need to attach it to the watch by compressing those two tiny telescopes. The strap is suitable for arms with a 16 to 23 cm circumference. The watch measures 52.7*54*14.6mm and weighs 81 grams; initially, I found it quite heavy, but you can get used to it.

Liquid silicone strap

Liquid silicone strap

On the back, there are six little dots. While the two metal tabs at the bottom connect with the magnetic charger, the four in the center are the VC9202 (VP60A2) biometric sensors for PPG heart rate and blood oxygen level. Inside, there is a 470 mAh battery that promises up to 15 days of operation.

Back of the Kospet T3 Ultra
Charging tabs and Biometric Health sensors

The front stainless steel bezel is secured to the watch body using four torx screws. The orange gasket between the two parts provides up to 5 ATM water resistance (50 meters deep). The 1.43” AMOLED screen has a resolution of 466 × 466px and is protected by a Corning Gorilla 3 with excellent durability and scratch resistance.

1.43″ AMOLED screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 3
1.43″ AMOLED touch screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection

Controls and menus

Like most smartwatches, the T3 Ultra also has four control buttons. On the left, you have Up and Down; on the right, you have Select and Back. For easier navigation, some watches use a tiny dial knob, similar to the old mechanical wristwatches.

Control buttons
Metal buttons with nice grip

The “Back” button is customizable; you can assign any application for quick access. The Select button enters into the APP list with the following: Call, Daily Activity, Workout, Workout records, Heart rate, Sleep, Blood oxygen, Stress, Music, Voice assistant, Weather, Compass, Barometric altimeter, Breathing exercise, Notifications, Stopwatch, Alarm, Timer, Calculator, Remote shutter, Flashlight, Find phone, Women’s health, and lastly the watch settings menu.

Main menu
RTOS Main Menu

When you press the UP button, a six-grid icon menu is shown to access phone features, screen brightness, audio on/off, battery level, DND on/off, and main settings. The grid can be customized according to your needs.

Stats screen

Stats screen

The Down button gives you a list of “shortcuts” for commonly used features. The order of the list can be freely adjusted according to what is more essential for you.

Pricing, availability, and options

The T3 Ultra smartwatch has been available for orders since April 2024 with an early bird price of $124.99 ($149.99). You can opt for black or silver color. Additionally, you can opt for a spare silicone strap, a cool magnetic strap, or a stainless metal strap. The M3 Ultra has the same features and price if you prefer a more office look with a rectangular design. The standard GPS-less T3 is 20 bucks cheaper. All Kospet smartwatches can also be ordered from their official Aliexpress store.

Magnetic USB charger
Magnetic USB charger

Battery life

In the two weeks of testing, I charged it only three times. When GPS is active, and the screen is heavenly used, the battery is drained much faster. For normal usage, you can expect close to a couple of weeks of working time. Apparently, the magnetic charging base is very practical, but you cannot charge your watch if you lose it or forget it at home on a longer trip. At least they could include two in the box 🙂

GPS feature

While I was most interested in the GPS capabilities, I was disappointed that it only logs your movements without a navigation function (showing your position in real-time on a map). Another turnoff for me was that you need to start the GPS and wait for the signal before you can start your sports activity -the GPS can’t be activated “on the fly”.

GPS route preview
GPS route on the watch

During my tests, the GPS also made some errors; in the exported map, it jumped 50 km from my real position. On the watch, in the “Workout records,” you can review your track but without the possibility of zooming in or getting details of the terrain.

Kospet FIT APP

The Tank T3 Ultra smartwatch is intended to be used with the Kospet FIT mobile APP, which is available for Android and iOS devices.

The Kospet FIT APP has four main screens: Home page (Central dashboard), Sports (Exercise management and Records), Device (Watch settings), and Me (Account details). You can look more closely at your health stats and sports activities from the app. You can make all the settings directly from the watch, but they are also available from the APP.

Kospet FIT
Kospet FIT APP user interface

In the app, the GPS data are mapped on Google Maps so you can review and share the journey of your sports activity with others.

KOSPET TANK T3 Ultra: User experience

After unboxing, the first step is to bind the watch to your phone to access advanced setting options, make calls via Bluetooth, and receive notifications. At the first attempt, something messed up because the watch lacked Bluetooth connectivity. After I reset it to factory default and removed it from my phone, I managed to pair it correctly.

Operating the KOSPET T3 Ultra watch is easy; the AMOLED screen is readable even in strong daylight. When you wave your hand to your face, the screen turns on automatically, and when moving back, it turns off. In addition to the built-in faces, you can download many other cool faces from the mobile app or customize one using your background. The watch is very responsive; you don’t need to wait when you switch from one application to another.

Outdoor walk GPS tracking

Outdoor walk GPS tracking

The TANK T3 Ultra can identify more than 170 types of sports activities, and when one is detected, ask if you want to record the workout. Personally, I would have liked the process to happen transparently, without my intervention, including outdoor GPS logging. I hope Kospet will add this to a future firmware release. A built-in calendar would also be nice, with the possibility of synchronizing your agenda.

I like that you can receive and make calls through the watch while your phone is connected via Bluetooth. The 24-hour heart rate and oxygen level monitoring are nice, but a blood pressure measure feature would also be very important to know the state of your health.

I also liked that the watch reminded me to stand up from the chair after staying too much in front of my office desk, encouraging me to develop a healthy habit.

It is waterproof, so you don’t need to remove it when you shower or during water sports activities. I haven’t tested it yet, but according to MIL-STD-810H, the T3 Ultra should withstand temperatures from -40°C to up to 70°C so that you can jump in ice water after enjoying a Finnish sauna.

GPS tracking for biking

GPS tracking for biking

For the GPS feature, there is a lot of improvement; it provides only basic details, and you need to wait a few seconds to start it every time you use it.

Till now, I have used my smartphone with various applications to track my outdoor sports activities (biking and hiking) and measure drone battery life, but now I can do all these and a few extra things with the Tank T3 Ultra.

Measuring drone battery life using stopwatch function
Measuring drone battery life using stopwatch function

Key takeaways

  • [Day-to-day Health at a Glance] The cutting-edge VP60 bio-tracking optical sensor enables enhanced accuracy of heart rate readings and blood oxygen measurements while affording detailed insights into your sleep quality and stress levels, complemented by the smartwatch’s built-in breathing exercise.
  • [A Battery that Goes On and On] Empowered by the high-capacity rechargeable pure cobalt battery with a 470 mAh rated value, TANK T3 ULTRA charges to full capacity within 1.5 hours and lasts a staggering 12 to 15 days for daily use or longer than 50 days in standby mode.
  • [Trackable Adventures Await] Cyclists, hikers, and explorers can power through with dual-band positioning and six satellite positioning systems (GPS). Featuring a built-in compass and barometric altimeter, the smartwatch can determine your current heading, altitude, and barometric pressure.
  • [Fit Your Style that Allures] In addition to the more vibrant user interface reinvented on KOSPET TANK T3 ULTRA, there are over 500 dazzling watch faces to download from the KOSPET FIT App, including those specially tailored for always-on display to offer more choices for every taste.
  • [State-of-the-art Durability] Regardless of where you are exposed to nature, KOSPET TANK T3 ULTRA has your back, thanks to its 15-test military-level durability. From the scorching desert to the cold tundra, your wrist will always have you covered. With a waterproof rating of 5 ATM and IP69K, the smartwatch can withstand pressures equivalent to a depth of 50 meters.

MIL-STD-810H rugged smartwatch

MIL-STD-810H rugged smartwatch

KOSPET T3 Ultra: Technical parameters

HardwareMCD + DSPATS3085L
Memory256M NOR
DesignColorsBlack and Silver
Watch size52.7*54*14.6mm
Strap size166.6mm – 231.6mm
Bezel materialStainless steel
Water-resistance Grade5 ATM & IP69K
GlassCorning® Gorilla® Glass3
Resolution466 x 466
PowerBatteryLi-ion 470 mAh
ChargingMagnetic charging base
Typical Battery LifeUp to 12 – 15 days
Exercise with GPSUp to 30 – 35 hours

HealthVC9202 + VP60A2
OutdoorBarometric altimeter
Satellite positioningDual-GPS 6sat

KOSPET TANK T3 Ultra alternatives

When I say GPS smartwatch, my mind goes instantly to Garmin products. For me, they are the “King” of outdoor adventure navigation watches, but they are pretty expensive, too. On the other hand, the Apple and Samsung Galaxy watches are lifestyle products with different features, including contactless payment support.

As a design and functionalities, the Amazfit Falcon and T Rex Ultra are close to the Kospet T3 Ultra. The T-rex Ultra is made from titanium and uses sapphire crystal glass, making it a more premium product with 20 ATM (200 meters) of water resistance as the minimum requirement for professional dive watches.

KOSPET TANK T3 Ultra vs Amazfit Falcon vs Amazfit T Rex ultra comparisson table
KOSPET TANK T3Amazfit FalconAmazfit T Rex ultra
Screen1.43” AMOLED
466 × 466
1.39″ AMOLED
Glass materialCorning Gorilla 3Standard glassSapphire crystal glass
Anti-fingerprint coating
Boddy materialStainless Steel 316LStainless SteelTitanium
Strap materialLiquid siliconeSiliconeLiquid silicone
Military Standard15 military-grade,810H15 military-grade tests315 military-grade tests3
Water resistance5 ATM & IP69K10 ATM20 ATM
Battery470 mAh500 mAh500 mah
Working time12 to 15 days20 days20 days
Built-in GPSDual-band & 6 satsDual-band & 6 satsDual-band & 6 sats
Smart motion recognitionYesYesYes
Health functions24H Monitoring for Heart rate, Blood oxygen, Blood pressure, Stress levels, Sleep stages (including REM), Daytime naps, Sleep schedule, Breathing Exercise, Abnormally high & low heart rate, Low blood oxygen, Menstrual cycle tracking24H Monitoring、Manual Measurement、Sleep Quality Monitoring、Health Assessment System、Breathing Exercise、Health reminders24H Monitoring、Manual Measurement、Sleep Quality Monitoring、Health Assessment System、Breathing Exercise、Health reminders
Sport modes170+162161
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