Launching Something New in Drones

Launching Something New in Drones

Randall Warnas has something interesting tomorrow (17th April 2023) Worth signing up for, 19:00 GMT.

This webinar will discuss the details behind the newest drone technology on the market developed by a new entity with familiar faces. Then we will host a Q&A session to make sure to give as much clarity to this project as possible, and take in your feedback at first glance.

Randall Warnas stands as a stalwart figure in the commercial drone industry, dedicating the past decade to championing the widespread adoption of aerial robotics in enterprise settings. Throughout his illustrious career, Randall has been instrumental in shaping the trajectory of leading brands such as DJI, FLIR, and Autel Robotics, among others.

His multifaceted experience has endowed him with a truly unique perspective within the drone industry landscape.

Embracing values of collaboration, transparency, and education, Randall has forged meaningful connections at the forefront of drone technology. Actively engaged in shaping policies and regulations governing UAV operations, he regularly lends his expertise to government agencies, industry associations, stakeholders, and end-users worldwide. Randall’s advocacy promotes a culture of safe and responsible drone usage, ensuring the industry’s sustainable growth and innovation.

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