PDRL Sets New Benchmark with Rs 18 Crore in Orders for AeroGCS Drone Software

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PDRL, a pioneering force in the drone technology domain, proudly announces the acquisition of orders totalling Rs 18 crore for its cutting-edge AeroGCS drone software. These significant transactions underscore the industry’s trust in AeroGCS, establishing it as a leading Ground Control Software (GCS) in the drone ecosystem.

AeroGCS stands out as a comprehensive software suite, empowering every aspect of drone missions. From meticulous mission planning to precise execution and in-depth analysis of post-mission data, AeroGCS sets new standards for operational excellence. Its outstanding performance is reflected in an impressive 75% market share in India, demonstrating its unparalleled capabilities across diverse operational environments.

With more than 50% of Indian drone manufacturers’ drones type-certified with AeroGCS, and over 75% of Indian agriculture drones licensed with AeroGCS Green, the software has become an integral part of the drone landscape.

The recent orders, received from various drone manufacturers and service providers, include the delivery of approximately 7000 AeroGCS OEM licenses to enhance the capabilities of different drone models. Additionally, around 2500 drones will utilize the AeroGCS Enterprise SaaS platform for live tracking, monitoring, video streaming, agriculture spraying analytics, and drone and pilot performance analytics. PDRL anticipates additional orders for approximately 10,000 AeroGCS software licenses in the coming days, contributing to a total of 20,000 drones equipped with AeroGCS software.

These developments signify a substantial demand for skilled resources specializing in AeroGCS software. PDRL estimates the requirement for around 40,000 skilled professionals to meet the upcoming demands associated with the manufacturing and delivery of drones embedded with AeroGCS software.

Notably, IFFCO, a key player in the agricultural sector, has recently placed an order for 2500 drones from various manufacturers. More than 50% of these drones are expected to leverage AeroGCS software, emphasizing the software’s role in the next generation of IFFCO’s drone fleet. The AeroGCS Enterprise SaaS platform will also be deployed for real-time tracking and video streaming of IFFCO drones through the AeroGCS Enterprise API interface.

PDRL continues to lead the way in the drone technology landscape, and these substantial orders affirm the industry’s recognition of AeroGCS as the software of choice for cutting-edge drone operations. 

About PDRL

PDRL is a leading software company dedicated to revolutionizing the drone industry. Its AeroMegh platform provides an end-to-end solution for transforming drone data into actionable insights. With a comprehensive certification program, PDRL empowers professionals with the knowledge and skills to excel in the evolving drone industry. PDRL’s commitment to cutting-edge technologies and strategic partnerships positions it as a leader in shaping the future of the industry.

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