RT3000 v4 – For when where matters most

Itar free OXTS

Combining survey-grade GNSS positioning with OxTS’ best-ever inertial measurement unit, the RT3000 v4 offers a robust, out-of-the-box navigation solution for uninterrupted position, orientation and motion data in all environments.

Reliable real-time data

By combining two survey-grade GNSS receivers with OxTS’ latest IMU10 inertial technology, the RT3000 delivers consistent, reliable and accurate position, orientation and dynamics data in all environments.

ITAR-free: no export licence requirements

Ship your RT3000 v4 globally without requiring export licenses. Leveraging advancements in OxTS’ navigation engine the RT3000 v4 achieves a new level of performance using components that are not subject to export controls.

Low dynamics warm up

The RT3000 v4 gets to specification in within three minutes of low dynamic movement meanng you no longer need to find the time and space required for high-dynamics manoeuvres.

Post-processing tools included

Avoid the hassle of subscription licence renewals with OxTS’ complimentary post-processing tools. NAVsuite, contains all of the applications you need for device configuration, real-time monitoring, post-processing and data visualisation.

Ready for the harshest environments…

+ Quad constellation GNSS support ensures that you track the maximum number of satellites available at any given time across your route.

+ gx/ix tight-coupling algorithms provide faster RTK reaquisition after temporary, complete outages and enables ‘single satellite aiding’ meaning raw GNSS data can be fed into the navigation engine from a single satellite, greatly reducing position drift.

+ Advanced vehicle model algorithms constrain navigation outputs to those which match the motion profile of land-based vehicles, such as no rotation on the spot, to filter out erroneous sensor data.

+ Embedded NTRIP client makes it simple to receive  GNSS corrections.

+ Wheel speed odometer interface reduces position drift further by aiding the navigation engine with real-time velocity inputs.

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