Saturn 4 Ultra: Elegoo’s new flagship 3D resin printer

Elegoo Saturn 4 Ultra

Elegoo’s new flagship 3D resin printers have amazing features for only $399. The Saturn 4 Ultra has a 12K mono LCD that provides superb print quality with a resolution of 19×24μm. Thanks to the company’s “Tilt Release” technology, you can print with up to 150mm/h (regardless of horizontal size or complexity of the model). It has approximately a 19x123x220cm build volume. Behind the LCD, a powerful COB light source emits light at 405nm.

The Eleggo Saturn 4 Ultra adopts a transparent hinged cover and measures 327x329x55cm. In the right corner, there is a 4.0-inch Capacitive Touch Screen that allows easy and intuitive control of the resin printer. It runs on EL3D-4.0 firmware and can be used with the ChituBox slicing program.

In addition to the USB connectivity, the Eleggo Saturn 4 Ultra supports WiFi connectivity that allows cluster printing.

Elegoo promises that the four-generation 12K Saturn 3D machine has a hassle-free experience thanks to the Self-Check and Automatic Leveling features.

As the new industry standard, the Saturn 4 Ultra also comes with an AI camera that not only monitors the reliability of the printing process but also allows the creation of cool time-lapse videos.

Elegoo Saturn 4 Ultra: Key features

  • [Unmatched Details With 12K Mono LCD] With a 10-inch 12K mono LCD, the Saturn 4 Ultra boasts an incredible resolution of 11520×5120 and an XY resolution of 19×24μm, presenting you exquisite models with stunning clarity and precision.
  • [Tilt Release Technology, Ultra Fast Printing] The Elegoo Saturn 4 UItra adopts tilt release technology, which enables the model to be peeled off from the release film quickly by tilting the resin tank, achieving a fast printing speed of up to 150mm/h. You can switch between the fast and slow print modes seamlessly as needed, enjoying flexible and efficient printing.
  • [COB & Fresnel Collimating Lens For Smoother Surface] When the COB light source emits light at 405nm with the combination of Fresnel collimating lens, it can achieve an ultra-low astigmatism coefficient of 0.5%, an exceptional field uniformity of 92%, and a precise angle deviation control below 5° on the forming surface, realizing accurate and even printing results with delicate finishing and intricate details.
  • [Self-Check & Automatic Leveling Print Right Out Of The Box] The Saturn 4 Ultra brings a hassle-free experience with its smart self-check and automatic leveling function. Unbox, power on, and print—making it the ultimate printing experience.
    • One-Click Self-Check: With one single click, the Saturn 4 Ultra will perform a quick self-check to verify whether its components are working properly before your printing starts.
    • One-Click Automatic Leveling: Thanks to its intelligent mechanical sensor, the build plate will be automatically leveled every time you click the button, saving you time and effort.
  • [AI Camera Intelligent Detection, Remote Monitoring, and Time-Lapse] Experience failure detection and real-time printing status monitoring with the AI camera. The AI camera can detect empty build plates and model warps, allowing you to resolve issues promptly, save time and effort, and ensure high-quality prints. Keep updated on your print progress, ensuring everything is running smoothly. Capture captivating time-lapse videos of your creations and share the excitement with others.
For more details, check Uncle Jessy’s live stream!
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Pricing and availability

The new Saturn Ultra can be ordered from Elegoo’s online store for $399 (399 euros). The kit includes a Wi-Fi antenna, build plate, resin tank, resin tray, AI camera, USB flash disk, and safety accessories (mask and gloves).

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