Soaring Achieves First Documented Nighttime Live Fire Exercise Autonomous Aerial Ammunition Resupply Via Tactical Drone With U.S. Army 25th Infantry Division

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Soaring, a global leader in autonomous heavy lift cargo drones for contested logistics in defense environments, today announced its successful completion of the U.S. Army’s first nighttime autonomous aerial resupply of ammunition during a battalion-level Live Fire Exercise (LFX). Leveraging Soaring’s vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) unmanned aircraft system (UAS), Gabriel (G1), a multi-purpose, multi-payload autonomous aerial vehicle, the company completed 40 tactical drills to resupply platoons with class I and class V supplies including food and ammunition.

Conducted as part of U.S. Army’s 25th Infantry Division platoon LFX and situational training exercises (STX) near Schofield Barracks, HI, the innovative autonomous resupply drill demonstrated the G1 system’s reliability and adaptability in varying conditions. As part of the LFX, the G1 successfully completed three emergency Class V resupply missions, delivering 800 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition to the platoon’s weapons squad during each drop. Soaring also completed three consecutive class V resupplies within 16 minutes from the time of the initial call during an STX executed in the mountainous jungle terrain of the Kahuku Training Area (KTA).

“The Army is working to identify a reliable, autonomous alternative for tactical resupply to replenish mission-critical resources at the point of contact with the enemy, without risking lives,” said Lieutenant Colonel Pete Walther, Battalion Commander in the U.S. Army’s 25th Infantry Division, responsible for this training event. “Our soldiers require resupply of water and ammunition to continue the fight, however lessons from the Ukraine conflict teach us that our current forms of tactical resupply will likely fail, especially in the Pacific region. There is a real need for innovative low-risk resupply solutions critical to the success of the operation.”

Capable of transporting mission-critical payloads to infantry platoons and squads at the tactical edge directly from the Battalion’s Combat Trains Command Post (CTCP), Soaring’s G1 system has successfully demonstrated its ability to resupply entire platoons faster and with less risk than ground vehicle-based resupply missions. The G1 offers mounting compatibility for varying cargo needs, supporting mission agility.

“Safe and expedient resupply capabilities are critical to mission success, especially in the dynamic environments faced by our service members. Our innovative G1 UAS has successfully proven it is capable of addressing both elements to deliver advantage at the tactical edge,” said Daniel Trunfio, Chief Executive Officer of Soaring. “I am exceptionally pleased with the G1’s performance as part of the LFX. Its proven ability to adapt to changes in elevations, weather, and edge conditions will significantly aid mission agility in even the most contested environments. I am grateful to the 25th Infantry Division for allowing us to demonstrate G1.”

About Soaring
Toofon Inc., doing business as Soaring, was founded in 2020 as a spin-off from Caltech’s Aeronautics Department. The company is revolutionizing the drone industry with its patented all-electric, heavy lift, VTOL aircraft that balances helicopter performance and multi-copter simplicity. Soaring’s innovative technologies enable a more reliable and efficient way to rapidly move heavy tactical gear. The company’s Gabriel drone series alleviates the challenges associated with conventional transportation saving time, money, and lives for cargo logistics and emergency resupply missions.

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