SpeedyBee Master 5 V2 with analog and digital FPV options

SpeedyBee Master 5 V2

SpeedyBee’s second-generation Master 5 V2 FPV drones come with two FPV options and improvements: a programmable LED strip, a more powerful 50A/80A ESC, and a TPU camera mounting base. The analog Master 5 V2 is equipped with the SpeedyBee TX800 (800mW) VTX and RunCam Phoenix2 SE camera, and the HD digital edition with DJI Air Unit O3 kit. Both versions weigh about 410-420 grams without battery.

The SpeedyBee Master 5 V2 uses the company’s F7 (STM32F722) flight stack with 50A ESC (80A peeks). The flight controller has built-in Bluetooth connectivity, so you can configure it remotely from your smartphone. Its 2306-1900KV brushless motors are matched with GEMFAN 51466 propellers. This drone is intended to be powered with a 6S LIPO battery, and the recommended capacity is 1050mAh – 1500mAh. The XT60 connector is located in front, behind the FPV camera.

For fail-safe RTH, the drone can be equipped with a GPS module -it comes equipped with a multi-size TPU mount for this purpose.

You can opt for ELRS or Crossfire radio receiver according to your existing transmitter. The O3 PNP version is natively compatible with the DJI FPV controller V2.

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SpeedyBee Master 5 V2: Key features

  • Analog and HD Digital FPV options
  • Crafted from robust aviation-grade 7075 aluminum, it ensures the utmost protection for your camera, whether you’re an expert or a hobbyist.
  • Generous space provisioned for DJO3 camera, designed to house ND filters, guaranteeing optimal picture quality in varying light conditions.
  • Seamless integration with SpeedyBee App, facilitating effortless wireless tuning and firmware updates.
  • Enjoy extended in-flight insights with a 500MB onboard black box memory.
  • Innovative GPS mount design, compatible with five different GPS size installation
  • Optional ELRS or TBS Crossfire Nano RX long-range radio receiver

Technical parameters and comparison between analog and digital versions

Frame kitMaster 5 V2
Bluetooth BLESupported flight controller configuration
OSD chipAT7456E
ESC50A 41N1 BL32 4-6S ESC
Motor2306-1900KV (6S)
LEDUnderneath and side
Blackbox500MB onboard memory(Type: SD_CARD)
Propellers1 set of GEMFAN 51466 (Notice: 5.1”)
Power input6S Lipo 25.2V (recommended: 1050mAh – 1500mAh)


TBS Nano
ELRS (Default Firmware out of the factory: HappyModel_EP_2400_RX V3.0.1 version)
PNP (4-pin connector reserved)
Optional VersionDJI O3 HD VersionAnalog Version
HD RecordingUp to 4K 120fpsN/A.(Support external HD recording camera)
VTXDJI O3 Air UnitSpeedyBee TX800
CameraCamera of DJI O3 SystemRunCam Phoenix2 SE
Weight (without battery)420g (±10g)410g (±10g)
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