Syos Aerospace – SA200

Syos Aerospace was launched to develop and manufacture practical and viable heavy-lift unmanned aerial systems (UAS/drones) to take the pilot out of the sky. Whether it’s transporting goods, lifting sensitive equipment, or providing a cost-efficient aerial platform, the SA-200 is a multi-purpose platform capable of performing many roles.

Owned and operated in New Zealand, Syos focuses on delivering true utilitarian UAS suitable for the dull, dirty and dangerous.


  • Multiple payload options for equipment or product
  • 200kg payload capacity
  • 2 hour flight endurance
  • >100 km flight range
  • 120km/h cruise speed
  • Unleaded or heavy fuel
    engine options
  • Multiple redundancies
  • Autonomous with pre-programmed flight missions
  • Capable in EMI environments



Main rotor diameter5.74m

Dry weight160kg

Fuel capacity40 Litres

Fuel typeHeavy fuel or unleaded petrol (two engine options).

Climb rate220mpm

Cruise speed115 km/h

EnduranceUp to 2 hours

Maximum payload200kg

RangeUp to 100km (optionally further if using satellite communication).

Flight control softwareAutonomous flights by programmable waypoint-based missions with ability to modify operation in-flight and control payload.

Ground control station (GCS)Mission control computer with monitors for flight data and any onboard camera setup.

Weather resistanceModerate rain. Up to 50km/h surface wind.

RedundanciesMultiple system redundancies, both sensor and logic. Heading redundancy using differential GNSS. Dead reckoning capability in fully degraded environments. Capable of autorotation.

CyberHigh quality componentry and estimation logic mitigate impact of high power signals and allow precise navigation.

EMI/EMCAP is EMI/EMC tested design to MIL-STD 461. High precision dead-reckoning navigation when GNSS is unavailable.

TransportationTransported via 20ft shipping container or vehicle trailer with no disassembly required.

Set up time< 8 minutes onsite time for set up and pre-start checks.

Payload optionsOpen architecture to mechanically and electronically accept various payload types, whether cargo bay, long-line, gimbal set up or sensor pod.