The DJI AVATA 2 promise an amazing user experience, but is it worth 489$?

DJI AVATA 2 drone

I love Whoop-style drones and flying FPV, and this morning, I was ready to purchase the new DJI AVATA 2, but when I saw the total price of the combo pack with an additional DJI FPV Remote Controller 3, I canceled my order. I found paying $1,497 for a drone that can fit in your palm a bit exaggerated. Another thing that stopped me from pulling the trigger was that Caddx and iFlight showed a teaser photo of a similar product that hopefully will be cheaper on their social media accounts.

The AVATA 2 is DJI’s third FPV drone and the second Whoop-style drone with a 360-degree blade protector. With the AVATA2, DJI also released a new FPV headset, simply named Goggles 3, and two new radios, the Motion RC 3 and the FPV Remote Controller 3.

Featuring DJI’s newest Ocusyinc 4.0 transmission system, the AVATA 2 has a flight range of up to 13 km in FCC mode and 10 KM in CE mode (Europe). Its 3s 2150 mAh intelligent flight battery provides around 23 minutes of flight time.

The DJI AVATA 2 adopts a 360-degree blade protector, measures 185×212×64 mm, and weighs about 380 grams. Being over 250g can’t be flown over or closer than 50m to ‘uninvolved people’ or within 150m of residential, recreational, commercial, or industrial sites in most countries, including the UK. The second-generation DJI Whoop is slightly bigger than its predecessor, which ensures better stability and wind resistance. Despite its larger size, it is still 40g lighter than the original Avata.

Avata Two’s upgraded camera sits on a one-axis gimbal that allows for a steady view in flight and remote angle adjustment (-85° to 80°). The new camera features a bigger 1/1.3 sensor and a more powerful processing engine. It can capture 4K@60fps or 2.7k@120fps videos with up to 130 Mbps. The camera supports RockSteady 3.0+, HorizonSteady stabilizations, and D-Log M color mode.

DJI AVATA 2: Key Takeaways

  • [Got you covered] The updated integrated propeller guard design of Avata 2 makes it lighter and more agile, enabling it to navigate freely in tight spaces. Releasing the accelerator on RC Motion 3 or pressing the lock button brings the drone to a halt, allowing you to handle unexpected situations calmly. In addition, the automatic Return to Home (RTH) function is initiated when the drone’s battery is low or in case of signal loss, adding an extra layer of security. New binocular fisheye sensors enable downward and backward visual positioning during low-altitude and indoor flights, enhancing flight stability and safety.
  • [Immersive Flight, Broaden Your Horizons] The DJI Avata 2 drone can be paired with the DJI Goggles 3 and DJI RC Motion 3 for intuitive body movement control. Merely tilt your head or wrist, and you will fly Avata 2, enjoying an immersive and visually thrilling experience through the sky. Goggles 3 features the novel Real View PiP and comes equipped with DJI O4 low-latency video transmission, offering reliable safety and stability for your flights.
  • [ACRO with Easy!] Soar, dive, and roll for stunning aerial footage with a single push. Capturing epic FPV footage with DJI RC Motion 3 and Avata 2 is easier than ever. One-Push Flip can do 360° front/back flip, adding fresh twists to your footage. Turtle Mode
    With Turtle mode enabled, it can automatically flip itself back into takeoff position when upside down, so you can quickly get airborne again.
  • [Advanced Maneuvers] Fly nimbly through tight spaces with the new DJI FPV Remote Controller 3 [3] in Manual mode to showcase flying prowess and gutsy creativity.
  • [Tight Shots in Super-Wide 4K] Create breathtaking visuals with the 155° FOV of DJI Avata 2 and its ability to approach and pull away from subjects swiftly. New pilots can quickly master aerobatic shots and capture fast-moving dynamic low-altitude shots that other drones can’t. The upgraded 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor expands the captured dynamic range, handling low-light conditions more effectively to capture outstanding footage on every flight.

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Pricing and package options

The DJI Avata 2’s prices start from 489$ for the drone with one battery and go up to $1199 for the Fly More Como pack with three batteries, DJI Goggles 4, and RC Motions 3. Separately, the Goggles 3 is $499, the RC Motion 3 is $99, and the DJI FPV Remote Controller 3 is $199.

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