The Listening Regulator – The CAA reverses its proposed 45% price hike!

The Listening Regulator – The CAA reverses its proposed 45% price hike!

The CAA has listened and back-pedalled on its proposed 45% price increase PDRA01 renewals.

Just a really short message.

The CAA has confirmed that it will no longer increase its charge for a PDRA01 OA renewal by 45%.  If you saw the last Eyeup blog, you’d have been rightfully concerned that you may be charged an unreasonable increase from April the 1st for a PDRA01 OA renewal.  The increase was going to be the difference between this year’s renewal cost of £217 and the new April 1st cost of £314.  A massive increase of almost £100!

Eyeup’s blog went out on LinkedIn and other social platforms on 2nd February and was seen by thousands, including a good few within Aviation House.

The great news is that the regulator appears to have listened to complaints and has revised its policy in the right direction.

There will be a common pricing from the 1st April as previously reported.  However, the usual annual increase will be based on the lower cost renewal charge rather than the higher new application fee.

Working my abacus and adding 8.3% to the existing £217 takes us to £235 which, although higher than anybody would want, is far better than the £314 it was going to be.

Thank you CAA from the whole Specific Category PDRA01 OA-holder community.

We’ll be digging into this story and what it may tell us about our regulator on the Geeksvana Very Specific Network soon!

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