UAS Engineer, Fluid Dynamics Specialist

EMC Operations Group is looking for an aeronautical engineer to help us with the upgrading of our Dimorphodon unmanned aerial system.

We are looking for an expert on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with extensive experience in Ansys Fluent and other CFD software. Ideally, the person has CFD experience in aerodynamics, but other areas, like land vehicles are also acceptable. Our ideal candidate is also very competent in the use of SolidWorks or other CAD systems.

You’ll be joining our engineering team, working on (among other things) our unique dodecarotor propulsion system and refining the Dimorphodon airframe with other, highly experienced aeronautical, mechanical, and electrical engineers.

Remuneration is on the basis of potential bonus and project equity (you get paid for each Dimorphodon unit we sell, a percentage of all patent royalties and upgrade fees.) Ideal for competent students to gain experience.

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