UAVOS’ Actuators Enable Reliable Steering of Heavy-Lift Aircraft

UAVOS servo drives

UAVOS has successfully completed the installation and site acceptance testing of their servo drives for Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) aircraft flight control. As part of  heavy – lift unmanned aircraft development, 15 pieces of both Rotary Actuators & Linear Actuators types have been installed into the aircraft flight control system.

With UAVOS’ actuators, MALE UAS operators can rely on actuation capabilities that meet the highest safety and reliability requirements. The advanced actuators greatly extend the MALE unmanned aircraft reliability and safe steering while further increasing their operational flexibility.

Four UAVOS Linear Actuators ensure reliable and safe command of the flight control surfaces, wheels, brakes, flaps, and air brakes on the unmanned aircraft. The key capabilities of the Linear Actuators include:
Speed, 100 mm/s
Rated push load, 1000 N
Rated pull load, 1000 N

The Rotary Servo Actuators feature brushless DC motor-controlled high-performance FOC servo drive and contactless multiturn absolute position sensor. The devices feature feedback mechanisms for several diagnostic data such as the supply voltage level, current consumption, torque and the temperature of the motor and electronics in digital form.

All UAVOS’ actuators are based on the quality standards and meet regulations regarding electronics (DO 254), mechanics and software (DO 178C). The servos achieve DAL B (Design Assurance Level – B). The high-quality construction with hardened steel gears and aluminum housing are rated to IP66. 

UAVOS’ drone actuators are designed to meet the dynamic motion requirements of UAVs and are engineered to withstand harsh environments and conditions involving high shock and vibration, as well as EMI/EMC interference.

“We take our designs from conception through testing under our own roof as we feel this is the best way to ensure quality for our customers,” said UAVOS Co-Founder and CEO Aliaksei Stratsilatau. “Our incentive is to meet most of our customers’ requirements, and this is why we constantly invest in our R&D capabilities and keep our eyes open on the market”.

UAVOS is a developer and manufacturer of security and commercial solutions based on advanced Unmanned Systems with an international investor base. UAVOS technology, products, and tailored services include multi-role UAVs, unique proprietary autopilots, advanced communication systems, UAV components, and experiential training. UAVOS is involved in stratospheric R&D projects having developed the HAPS ApusDuo autonomous aircraft and the HiDRON meteo- missions stratospheric glider ready to deploy missions to the stratosphere. UAVOS’ mission statement is to create the right partnerships and shared goals with customers worldwide in order to build mutual technology and innovation capabilities for the benefit of our partners and customers.

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