University of Alabama Features Drone Pilot in National Ad Campaign: Where Legends are Made

University of Alabama Features Drone Pilot

University of Alabama student Zac Herring

Drone Enthusiast and Distinguished University of Alabama Student, Zac Herring, to be Featured in National Ad Campaign

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Walker Robinson

The University of Alabama has announced that Zac Herring, a standout student and drone enthusiast will be featured in their national ad campaign: Where Legends Are Made.

The ad campaign is designed to highlight exceptional individuals who have brought national or international recognition to the University of Alabama. Zac Herring’s work building and operating drones has earned him this academic distinction.

Zac grew up with a fascination for aeronautics and flight. His father was in the pilot, and Zac remembers being taken on flights when he was still in a car seat.

He also has a deep connection to the University of Alabama. He attended their football games from a very early age, and when it came time to apply for college, Zac knew there was only one place he wanted to be. He graduated from the University in 2019 with a degree in operations and management with a specialization in supply chains.

University of Alabama drone pilot featured in national ad campaign


Following his Graduation, Zac moved to Florida, where his passion for aviation was reignited watching the SpaceX rockets launch off the coast. “I never really saw myself pursuing an education in aerospace and aeronautical engineering, but once I determined that’s exactly what I wanted to do, and I realized that’s where my true passion was, I came straight back to the University of Alabama to pursue that,” said Zac.

Upon his return to UA, Zac began working in the Laboratory of Autonomous GNC Estimation Research and the Remote Sensing Center (RSC). Through these programs, Zac was able to hone his skills building and operating UAVs. He describes the experience of flying a drone as just as thrilling and rewarding as being in a plane.

Through the university, Zac has been able to fly drones all over the country. This past year, he used UAVs to collect data on snow depth and density on the Grand Mesa Mountain in Colorado. These measurements would be used by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to forecast the watershed and water resource for the Colorado River in the upcoming spring.

Zac is currently completing his degree in aerospace engineering, and he intends on pursuing his passion for flight and UAVs into his career post-graduation. His compelling story will be featured in the University of Alabama’s ad campaign which premieres on Saturday during their opening football game.

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