Verge Aero™ Introduces Verge Aero Composer™, Cutting-Edge Software to Design Drone Shows in Seconds

Verge Aero, the leading drone show technology solution, today unveiled its new Verge Aero Composer, a design software tool, that greatly lowers the barrier to entry for the drone show industry. Using Verge Aero Composer, individuals can create their own drone shows with no technical experience, making it the most accessible design tool available to customers. With a drag-and-drop interface, the software makes it possible to design a captivating drone show together in seconds.

“Our goal at Verge Aero is to democratize this very technical and nascent industry with a high barrier to entry. As we’ve continued to expand our offerings through 2023, we’re thrilled to be able to bring Verge Aero Composer to the market, greatly enhancing the ability for individuals to become drone show operators, going from an idea to they sky in really a matter of minutes,” said Nils Thorjussen, CEO of Verge Aero. “Verge Aero Composer is a total game changer in the drone show industry. Now small towns and communities, existing businesses, and beginners that have expressed interest in drone show performances can make their dreams a reality.”

Designed to prioritize ease and speed of use, Verge Aero Composer is a solution that even the drone show novice can utilize to create something spectacular. With a user-friendly experience in mind, the software includes a library of designs or show elements that users can drag onto a timeline to pull together a full show. The technology also seamlessly integrates with the Verge Aero Drone Show suite of products, including the Design Studio, catering to those seeking more intricate and detailed creations. Additionally, Composer enables users to easily add logos and text alike, for their performances.

This news comes shortly after Verge Aero’s introduction of its X7 drone. The X7 bolstered Verge Aero’s existing system, including their design studio software into a best-in-class, all-in-one drone show product suite, made specifically to democratize entry to the aerial entertainment industry. The Verge Aero X7 aimed to further lower barriers to entry into drone entertainment, making it even easier for individuals and organizations to produce drone shows of all sizes and complexity for any occasion. Now, with Verge Aero Composer, operators can cut down drone show design from hours to just seconds.

Verge Aero Composer was introduced at the LDI Conference this morning in Las Vegas, and will be available for subscribers in February 2024.

About Verge Aero

Founded in 2016 by a dedicated start-up team, Verge Aero has established itself as the leader in drone show technology. With numerous, global successes the company has consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible and focused on bringing drone shows to the world. With our purpose-built drone show technology solutions, we’ve transformed the way audiences experience drone shows and empowered drone show operators around the globe. Learn more at

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