Walksnail Moonlight: A major upgrade for digital FPV

After years of experience flying analog FPV drones, I upgraded my fleet to HD digital FPV last year. I used for most of them DJI O3 Air Unit kits and HD Avatar systems for a few. CaddxFPV’s new Walksnail Moonlight, featuring 4K resolution and Starlight low-light performance, seems to be a game changer. Practically, it has everything you could wish for from a high-quality video transmission.

Like all HD digital FPV systems, the new Walksnail Moonlight kit is straightforward and has three main parts: a camera, a transmission unit (VTX), and two antennas. These three components are connected via cables. The VTX features a connector designed to be plugged into a compatible flight controller, USB port, microSD card ports, and a pairing button. The VTX measures 15.3*34.5*34.5mm and has a 20*20mm/25*25mm (M2) mounting pattern —the kit weighs about 40 grams, including the antennas.

Walksnail Moonlight: The VTX

The all-metal construction of the Moonlight VTX is extremely robust and high-quality. It is much thicker than its predecessors due to the more powerful hardware inside. It allows 4k@60FPS onboard recording with up to 150Mbps. It features built-in EIS (electronic image stabilization) and supports Gyroflow technology, giving you smooth and stable video quality to facilitate and enjoy freestyle flying. The Moonlight transmitter uses a dual-antenna system for improved range and link quality. The wide input voltage range (7.4V-25.2V) allows to be powered directly from the drone’s main battery (2-6S).

Walksnail Moonlight: The Camera

The Moonlight FPV camera measures 19.6x19x24mm and has a removable ND8 filter. It has 160° FOV, providing a more natural and real picture for the ultimate flying experience. The camera promises excellent low-light performance, thanks to the Starlight image sensor ensuring night vision shooting and eliminating frequent camera switching. Both sides of the camera have silicone pads for mounting, providing stability and minimizing camera shake for perfect captures. It supports manual shutter and manual ISO settings and takes perfect photos regardless of lighting limits.

Walksnail Moonlight 4K video review

Albert Kim published an in-depth review with many sample footage on its YouTube channel. He also compared the Walksnail Moonlight to the O3 Air Unit’s low-light and day-light video performance.

[embedded content]

Walksnail Avatar Moonlight: FPV goggles compatibility

The CaddxFPV Moonlight kit is compatible with the latest Avatar HD Goggles X FPV headset. Before asking, it can’t be used with analog or DJI Goggles V2\2\Integra headsets.

If you own Avatar FPV Goggles / Fatshark Dominator HD, you must upgrade the firmware to make it compatible with the Walksnail Moonlight 4K system.

Pricing and availability

The Walksnail Moonlight is available now and retails for $189 at CaddxFPV. The kit includes the camera module, transmission module, two antennas, FC cable, USB cable, ND8 filter, and mounting screws.