Ziyan’s GreyWhaleG1: Raising the Bar for Unmanned Cargo Helicopters

Ziyan Unveils New Generation Cargo Unmanned Helicopter: GreyWhaleG1

Ziyan is ringing in the new year of 2024 with the release of its latest innovation, the GreyWhaleG1. This new generation cargo unmanned helicopter is set to revolutionize air transport solutions across challenging terrains.

Announced on the company’s Facebook page, the GreyWhale G1 is designed for transporting cargo across islands, mountains, and high-altitude areas. It aims to provide users with more efficient, economical, and safe air transport solutions.

Key Features of the GreyWhaleG1

Ziyan notes the GreyWhaleG1 has several key differentiators :

  • Payload: The GreyWhaleG1 boasts a cargo capacity of 21kg, making it a robust solution for various transport needs.
  • Flight Range: With a flight range of 60km, the GreyWhaleG1 is capable of long-distance transport, expanding the reach of air delivery services.
  • Safety:  The GreyWhaleG1 is equipped with a built-in parachute and features stable and accurate autonomous landing in case of emergency, significantly improving operation safety.

Ziyan continues to push the boundaries of unmanned air transport with the GreyWhaleG1, providing a glimpse into the future of cargo delivery. The market for unmanned cargo vehicles has seen significant growth and attention in recent years. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are highly versatile and serve multiple areas of application, including cargo and logistics.  The increasing demand for UAVs in civilian applications such as nuclear plant operations, urban research and rescue, agricultural harvesting and spraying, firefighting, and crowd control aids the market growth. The global market for unmanned cargo aircraft (UCA) is expected to surpass $1 billion by 2030.  The release of Ziyan’s GreyWhaleG1 could be a timely response to this growing market demand.

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