Aloft Announces Strategic Partnership with Anzu Robotics to Launch the Raptor Drone, Elevating Enterprise Fleet Management and Airspace Compliance

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Jon Hegranes – Aloft CEO

Aloft Technologies, Inc. (Aloft), a leader in innovative drone technology solutions since 2015, proudly announces a new strategic partnership with Anzu Robotics with the launch of the Raptor drone series. This collaboration underscores both companies’ commitment to pioneering secure, compliant drone operations that meet a wide array of flight needs across diverse industries, from inspection to public safety.

This marks a first in the drone industry, where best-in-class hardware and official USS software join forces in a compelling and comprehensive offering from American companies.

Since its inception, Aloft has been at the forefront of developing secure, drone-agnostic software that integrates various drone makes and models, providing flexible solutions tailored to our customers’ specific operational requirements. The partnership with Anzu Robotics introduces the Raptor drone series, designed to seamlessly integrate into this established ecosystem, enhancing both hardware capabilities and software intelligence.

Jon Hegranes, Founder and CEO of Aloft, commented on the launch, “At Aloft, we recognize that our customers have diverse operational needs which demand that everything they fly must be securely and compliantly integrated into the airspace. Our collaboration with Anzu Robotics on the Raptor series extends our commitment to providing versatile, cutting-edge drone solutions that ensure top-tier security and compliance for all stakeholders.”

Randall Warnas, CEO of Anzu Robotics, added, “Aloft is providing an imperative element to the Anzu Robotics mission. Their years of experience protecting drone data and serving commercial and public safety drone users give Anzu Robotics a validating host regarding security for the data captured by our drones. As we embark on this next chapter of drones navigating quality, enterprise features, pricing pressure, and data privacy, Aloft has proven to be an ideal partner.”

The Raptor drone is powered by Aloft’s advanced software capabilities, with the Aloft Air Control platform installed natively. These features empower operators with superior control and oversight, ensuring each flight adheres to the highest safety, compliance, and performance standards. Through the native integration of Aloft Air Control, the Raptor is equipped to handle complex tasks, workflows, and mission-critical flight capabilities, including:

-Enterprise Fleet Management: Streamlined tools to manage extensive drone operations and teams, enhancing operational efficiency and oversight.

-Secure Live Streaming: Encrypted real-time video feeds that ensure data security during critical operations.

-LAANC Airspace Authorization: Integrated tools for instant airspace authorization that comply with FAA regulations, facilitating quick and safe flight clearances.

-Advanced UTM Capabilities: State-of-the-art traffic management solutions that enhance airspace safety and operational reliability.

-Official Airspace: The Raptor does not have geofencing or other unofficial flight restrictions. All airspace information is authoritative and authentic, as Aloft is an FAA-approved USS.

This partnership marks a significant milestone for Aloft Technologies and Anzu Robotics and sets a new standard for the drone industry in terms of security, compliance, and technological innovation.

For more information about the partnership, the Raptor drone series, or to add Anzu drones to your fleet, please email [email protected] or contact your dedicated Aloft customer success representative.

About Aloft Technologies, Inc.
Aloft Technologies, Inc., based in Syracuse, NY, has been a pioneer in drone technology since 2015, focusing on developing secure, drone-agnostic software solutions that integrate a variety of drone models for comprehensive airspace management. Aloft’s UTM represents the largest network of recreational, commercial, government, and public safety drone operations in the United States.

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