ASTM Announces Compliance Training for Remote ID in Unmanned Aircraft

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ASTM International has announced a new eLearning program focused on the usage of a standard practice for Remote ID Means of Compliance (F3586) developed by ASTM’s unmanned aircraft committee (F38).

This standard practice acts as an overlay of requirements to the ASTM standard for Remote ID and tracking (F3411). The program will support manufacturers and producers of remote ID systems for unmanned aircraft who are interested in compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration Regulation 14 CFR Part 89. The eLearning program will also provide key information on minimum testing requirements.

This FAA rule requires remote identification of unmanned aircraft for national security, safety, and law enforcement purposes, paving the way for their further integration into U.S. airspace. The FAA Remote ID requirement went into effect in September 2022 for manufacturers and September 2023 for operators. Enforcement of these requirements is expected to begin March 16, 2024, to allow a grace period for those who may have had difficulty initially becoming compliant. 

Gabriel Cox, chair of the ASTM Remote ID workgroup (F38.02), will instruct the course.

“It has been an honour to lead this workgroup of regulatory, industry, organizational and academic stakeholders,” says Cox. “Having spent the last five years focused on multiple revisions of the Remote ID standard, I am delighted to see Remote ID blossom into its final stage of actual implementation into real products. This course will provide commentary and tips to help manufacturers and operators integrate this into their own products and more confidently submit their declaration(s) of compliance to the FAA. It’s exciting to see this crucial application take to the skies and further enable more complex drone operations.”

This interactive, eLearning course serves as a useful way to understand options for complying with this new rule.  It will walk through the F3586 MOC while providing helpful tips along the way. For more information on the course, click here.

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