BetaFPV Pavo35: Powerful CineWhoop for GoPro 12

BetaFPV Pavo35

I’m a big fan of BetaFPV’s PAVO series; I have already reviewed the Pavo Pivo, Pavo20, and Pavo30. I like the Whoop-style design with duct propellers. The new Pavo35 is the series’s biggest and most powerful model and is intended to carry a full-size action camera such as the GoPro 12 or Insta360 Ace Pro.

Equipped with Lava 2006-2400KV brushless motors, the BetaFPV Pavo35 has a 9:4:1 Trust-to-weight Ratio -comparable to large 5-inch racing drones. The drone itself weighs about 250 grams and can additionally carry a payload of 400 grams. By comparison, the Pavo30 is equipped with smaller 1506- 3000KV motors.

BetaFPV released the Pavo35 without any onboard FPV system, leaving the choice to install almost any FPV camera and VTX, regardless of whether you prefer analog or HD digital systems. You can opt for a pre-installed ELRS 2.4G or TBS Crossfire radio receiver.

For best performance, the BetaFPV Pavo35 CineWhoop needs to be powered with a 6S LIPO battery (1050mAh~1400mAh). According to your flight style and extra payload, you can expect a flight time of around 8-12 minutes.

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BetaFPV Pavo35:  Frame design

The “Whoop” duct can enhance an additional 400g thrust and a CNC 7075 Aluminum Y shape standoff to eliminate distortion and bending during flight. Powerful and smooth flying is guaranteed. The modular design of the frame guarantees a streamlined appearance, with no protruding wires, and the fixed power port design enables effortless one-handed connection. Assembling the frame is a breeze, requiring the simple tightening of the four bottom screws and utilizing the riveting design for convenient detachment of the duct.

BetaFPV Pavo35: The Flight controller

The PAVO35’s brain is the versatile F722 35A AIO flight controller, the latest-generation F722 chip providing great performance capability and high processing speed of up to 128k PWM frequency, built-in a 16MB flash memory chip dedicated to Blackbox logging. Featuring six UART ports, you can upgrade the drone with accessories such as a GPS module. The FC has a 6-pin plug&play port, it can directly connect HD Digital VTX with NO soldering work.

BetaFPV Pavo35: Shine in Night Cruise

The Pavo35 can have a COB LED Strip (750 mm*4 mm). The FC supports controlling the onboard COB light strip via a radio transmitter. This convenient functionality allows for flexible control of the light strip’s brightness and on/off status. Since light pollution should be eliminated when shooting videos, COB must be turned off.

BetaFPV Pavo35: Main parts

Flight controllerF722 35A AIO V2
Radio receiverELRS 2.4G or TBS Crossfire
MotorsLAVA Series 2006 Brushless Motors
PropellersGemFan D90S 3-Blade Propellers (1.5mm Shaft)
FPV systemsDJI O3 Air Unit, Walksnail Avatar HD Pro Kit, Caddx Vista Kit, RUNCAM Link, or 5.8G Analog
Battery6S 1050mAh~1400mAh
Pricing, availability, and options

Starting November 2023, the Pavo 35 can be ordered from BetaFPV for $239.99 (PNP) or $269.99 (TBS Crossfire). During the “Winter sale” period, you can get 10% off. You can also purchase it from Amazon, StoneHobby, XT-Xinte, and other retailers.

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