BRAVE1 on the Offensive: Seeking Solutions to Counter FPV & Commercial Drones

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BRAVE1 announces the search for solutions to counter FPV and commercial drones

Commercial and FPV drones have fundamentally changed approaches to modern warfare. However, not only are we using these affordable solutions en masse to destroy multi-million dollar equipment, but so is the enemy. So we need effective protection and countermeasures.

We are looking for solutions and teams/developers working in the following areas:

1️⃣ Countering FPV drones:

▪️ detection
▪️ means of physical destruction and/or active protection
▪️ means of influencing the control protocols of ELRS, TBS in a wide range and at non-standard frequencies and firmware

2️⃣ Countering commercial drones:

▪️detection of DJI, Autel, including flashed and/or anonymized ones
▪️ means for physical destruction of commercial drones
▪️ mission disruption by affecting DJI, Autel control protocols, including firmware

If your solution meets the requirements, we will contact you for further support for the development and finalization. You can communicate directly with our experts, military personnel, and operators and demonstrate your solution on the training ground.

Do you have a solution? Fill out the form. If you don’t have a ready-made solution yet, but you have motivation and are ready to cooperate and work on finding it, also fill out this form:

We assemble ready-made teams and individual developers to create effective counter-FPV and commercial drone solutions to repel enemy attacks!

We are strengthening Ukraine’s technological capabilities together!

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