Drone Search and Rescue Operations on the Drone Radio Show Podcast: 2D Dummies

drone search and rescue on drone radio show podcastDrone search and rescue operations on the Drone Radio Show Podcast! The CEO of 2D Dummies speaks with host Randy Goers about public safety training. Stream below:

Roger Hall is CEO and Founder of 2D Dummies.  2D Dummies is reshaping the future of public safety training with their patent-pending, two-dimensional rescue manikins.  Designed to precisely simulate the physical attributes & thermal signature of the human body, the 2D DUMMY is the ultimate solution for heightening the authenticity of training drills for public safety professionals.  The 2D dimensional manikins have been used to enhance UAS search and rescue teams in variety of training scenarios, including firefighting, law enforcement, and military settings. 

 Roger is a retired firefighter with a 25-year career in New Hampshire and a passion for aviation. Holding both FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot and Part 61 Sport Pilot Certificates, Roger transitioned into the field of unmanned aerial systems after retirement. As one of DARTdrones’ first UAS instructors, he has trained over 1,000 individuals and co-developed their Part 107 and Public Safety Training programs.  

 Always seeking to introduce reality into his training sessions, he developed a 2D dummy as a prop.  Continued refinement and feedback led him to produce a life-like 2D Dummy that enhances public safety UAS search and rescue training. 

 In this edition of the Drone Radio Show, Roger talks about how 2D Dummies are used to enhance search and rescue capabilities and build emotional resilience within organizations.   

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