Ireland – Public Consultation on the Development of a Policy Framework for Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Ireland UAS consultation

The Department of Transport is developing a Policy Framework for Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), also known as drones, are contributing to innovation in several industries with the development of a wide range of new applications and services, delivering benefits to consumers and the wider public. The next few years will be pivotal for the UAS industry. The upcoming policy framework will set out the vision, strategy, and priorities for the development of the UAS sector in Ireland. The Policy Framework will aim to guide high-level strategic planning and development over the next decade by supporting growth and innovation in the UAS sector while managing safety, security, environmental and other aspects.

The Department has prepared a consultation paper that sets out the background to the development of the policy framework, the scope of the policy, and the current and potential future of the UAS sector. The paper sets out the three main areas the policy framework will address, namely:

  • Innovation and Enterprise
  • Planning and the Use of Airspace
  • Compliance and Enforcement

The consultation paper concludes with a number of questions that can be considered by interested parties and the public when responding to issues raised in the paper.

Input is being sought on several key areas, including how to respond to public concerns about the increase in use of UAS, how to position Ireland as a potential front runner in this emerging sector, and how to future proof responsible development of the UAS industry.

The consultation will help inform the development of the Policy Framework for UAS including defining Ireland’s position in the UAS industry and the actions for implementing the Policy Framework.

The consultation period is open until 8 March 2024 .

The Department asks that submissions be completed online, at the link below, with reference to the questions posed in the consultation paper. However, should an online submission not be possible, submissions are welcomed via email to: [email protected]

Terms and conditions

Respondents are advised that the Department is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2014 and the European Communities (Access to Information on the Environment) Regulations 2007 – 2014 and Data Protection legislation.

You can read the Department’s privacy statement here .

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