SIRAS Firmware Update 1.16.75 Release

Teledyne FLIR has released a new flight control firmware update that maximizes performance and improves the safety of your SIRAS. All SIRAS owners are required to update to firmware 01.16.75, which includes all prior updates and the following critical updates:

  • Battery Checks and Monitoring Provides additional automatic preflight and inflight battery health tracking and temperature monitoring. Prevents takeoff when batteries are not within specification.  Forces auto-landing should battery health issues arise during flight.
  • Video Recording During Zoom – Enables visible camera video recording during zoom.
  • Camera Latency – Visible camera latency has been significantly reduced.
  • FLIR Thermal Studio – Data is compatible with FLIR Thermal Studio post-processing software.
  • EXPO Settings – Flight control software now includes adjustable EXPO settings for controller stick movements.

Failure to update your firmware will void any warranty associated with your SIRAS aircraft.


The firmware update process should only take a few minutes. 

  1. Download the 01.16.75 firmware from the SIRAS Support Center.
  2. Please read the firmware release notes included in the 1.16.75 firmware download and the SIRAS User Manual for firmware update instructions.

The SIRAS User Manual, Quick Start Guide, FAQ, and Battery Safety Guide are at


Firmware 1.16.75 provides enhanced battery health and temperature tracking prior to takeoff and during flight. Depending on the number and duration of the charge cycles, some batteries may not pass the preflight check. Batteries that do not pass the preflight checks will not be allowed to take off, and the pilot will be directed via an on-controller message to replace the batteries.  If you experience this issue, contact your SIRAS dealer and a replacement battery will be provided at no cost.

To check your battery health, please:

  1. Install FW 1.16.75.
  2. Perform standard startup and takeoff procedure.
  3. If the new automated battery health check does not allow takeoff, please contact your distributor to arrange for a replacement battery at no cost.


It is critical that all pilots ensure that they only fly the SIRAS with sufficient battery power to ensure an ability to safely return to home or direct the aircraft to the predetermined landing site. If a battery experiences an unanticipated power discharge during flight, the flight control system will start an automatic forced landing procedure. The pilot will be notified via on-controller messaging that a forced landing procedure has been initiated. During forced controlled decent, the pilot will be able to move the SIRAS in the horizontal plane to allow the pilot to safely land the aircraft and minimize the potential impact on people and property.

As a reminder, SIRAS is not intended as a beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) aircraft and pilots must always maintain complete awareness of the aircraft’s surroundings, including the terrain and potential flight path obstacles, as well as people and property below the airframe.  If you experience any issue with your batteries, contact your SIRAS dealer and a replacement battery will be provided at no cost.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your SIRAS dealer or Teledyne FLIR at