PDRL announces AeroGCS Global Competition: A Skyward Spectacle of Innovation

In a leap towards the future of drone technology, PDRL announces the launch of the AeroGCS Global Competition. This groundbreaking event aims to elevate global awareness, empower drone enthusiasts, and endorse the innovation that propels the drone technology of tomorrow.

Explore the Competition: Shaping the Future of Drone Technology

PDRL invites individuals worldwide, aged 18 and above, from diverse backgrounds including professionals, experts, tech enthusiasts, and students to be part of this transformative competition. Ignite the spark that reshapes the future of drone technology and propels the widespread adoption of smarter drone applications.

Mr. Vishal Dharankar, CTO at PDRL, expressed his excitement about the competition, stating, “AeroGCS is not merely a competition; it is a platform that embodies the spirit of innovation and technological prowess in the field of drone technology. By organizing this global event, PDRL is committed to fostering creativity and collaboration, ultimately contributing to the realization of Prime Minister Modiji’s vision for India’s prominence in the drone industry by 2024.”

Competition Structure: Embark on a Thrilling Journey

Embark on a thrilling journey through a series of online challenges culminating in a grand finale in Nashik, Maharashtra, India. The structure includes:

  • Round #1 on 10th Feb: Online MCQ kick-off
  • Round #2 on 17th Feb: Online Competition with AeroGCS GREEN & Simulator
  • Round #3 on 24th Feb: On-Field Competition with AeroGCS Config, AeroGCS GREEN, and AeroGCS Enterprise (Configure a drone with AeroGCS Enterprise mission planning and successfully execute a drone flight)

PDRL Offers Exciting Cash Prizes and Rewards!

Participating in the PDRL promises a thrilling opportunity to win exciting cash prizes and rewards through AeroGCS’s recognition of excellence. The AeroGCS Global Champion stands to gain a prestigious Rs 1 Lakh Cash award, a PDRL Certificate, Social Media Spotlight, and valuable job opportunities from PDRL and its esteemed partners. Achieving the status of AeroGCS Expert brings a substantial Rs 50,000 Cash award, a PDRL Certificate, Social Media Spotlight, and promising job prospects from PDRL Partners. The AeroGCS Professional category offers a competitive cash prize of Rs 25,000 for the top ten runners-up, coupled with a PDRL Certificate, Social Media Spotlight, and further career opportunities from PDRL Partners.

Why Participate?

Participate in the AeroGCS Global Competition to:

  • Show off globally: Unleash your skills on the world stage.
  • Cash Splash: Win big with cash rewards, certificates, and job invites from industry leaders.
  • Skill Up: Three epic rounds to test your knowledge and hands-on drone flight skills.
  • Networking: Connect with industry maestros, sponsors, and fellow competitors.
  • Learn It All: Dive into learning with PDRL’s AeroMegh platform, downloads, manuals, and dedicated portals.

Registration Process:

  1. Register
  2. Process Participation Fees: Payment
  3. Prepare for the competition: AeroGCS GREEN User Manual

Resource Hub & Facilities by PDRL

Dive into a treasure trove of learning tools, including:

  • Access to AeroMegh platform
  • Essential Drone and Simulator setup
  • Travel and accommodation arrangements for participants qualifying for the finale.

PDRL is thrilled and fully prepared for the upcoming extraordinary competition. Anticipating the opportunity to invite participants from around the globe, this competition promises to be a unique and unparalleled event in the realm of drones.

It’s an opportunity to be part of the future of drone technology. Ready to soar? Register now and make your mark in the AeroGCS Global Competition!

About PDRL

PDRL is a leading software company dedicated to revolutionizing the drone industry. Its AeroMegh platform provides an end-to-end solution for transforming drone data into actionable insights. With a comprehensive certification program, PDRL empowers professionals with the knowledge and skills to excel in the evolving drone industry. PDRL’s commitment to cutting-edge technologies and strategic partnerships positions it as a leader in shaping the future of the industry.