Smart Tether for Parrot ANAFI USA from NACT Engineering

NACT Engineering Parrot ANAFI tetherRevolutionizing Aerial Surveillance: NACT Engineering’s Smart Tether Unleashes the Full Potential of Parrot ANAFI USA Drones

Uninterrupted Flight, Extended Reach, and 24/7 Surveillance Capabilities – The Power of Smart Tether Technology for Border Security and Beyond. 

NACT Engineering tetherNACT Engineering tetherSingapore’s NACT Engineering is changing the game for tethered drone systems.  NACT Engineering’s patented Smart Tether system is designed to seamlessly integrate with commercial-off-the-shelf aircraft including the Blue sUAS certified Parrot ANAFI USA drone, offering unparalleled capabilities for aerial surveillance and commercial applications.

The Smart Tether system has a feature set and ease of use that make it unique in the field, enabling fully remote, beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) tethered operations for 24/7 border operations, security, lifeguarding, or commercial applications.

Smart Tether: Integrated AI, Ground Cameras, and More

NACT Engineering tether droneNACT Engineering tether droneThe Smart Tether has an impressive feature list, designed to make it a flexible tool appropriate for a wide variety of environments and use cases:

  • web control function
  • tether length of up to 150 meters
  • secure unjammable telecoms
  • communication speeds of up to 10 GBPS
  • integrated AI solutions
  • controllable 360-degree ground cameras

Key features like Real-Time Angle Sensing Analysis and the Live Feed Ground Camera contribute to stable flight, accurate positioning, and precise control. The system’s Fishing Mode and Cable Limiter mechanism offer strategic control and operational safety in a variety of environmental conditions.  Ground cameras are designed to address blind spots, ensuring comprehensive surveillance and better data.

1 51 5NACT Engineering emphasizes the simplicity of operations: from setup to control. Users can control via phone or web, with easy integration into gaming controllers. Control the drone, access live video feeds, or record with an easy and intuitive interface.
NACT AuxNACT AuxDesigned to meet Mil-Std 810G and Mil-Std 461 specifications, the military-grade auxiliary connectors are compatible in various environments. For maximum security, the Smart Tether can connect multiple ground cameras through an Ethernet cable or establish a wireless connection with additional NACT Smart Tether Ground Cameras.

NACT Engineering’s Smart Tether is a truly versatile BVLOS solution. The Smart Tether seamlessly transitions to thermal imaging, offering a reliable and proven solution for various surveillance needs. Coupled with the Parrot ANAFI USA drone, the Smart Tether is a compelling new entrant for secure BVLOS operations anywhere.

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