Unifly, Terra Drone, and Aloft Technologies Forge Alliance for Global Air Traffic Management

imageimageNew Partnership Aims to Enhance Advanced Air Mobility with Unified UAS Traffic Management System

Unifly, a leader in Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM) technology, has joined forces with Terra Drone Corporation and Aloft Technologies Inc. to develop a global UAS Traffic Management (UTM) infrastructure. This collaboration, announced on April 25, 2024, in Antwerp, seeks to facilitate the burgeoning Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry worldwide.

This partnership is the first of its kind, uniting top UTM experts to create a comprehensive framework for managing the coexistence of traditional aircraft, drones, and electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. “This alliance represents a unified effort to establish a global standard for UTM in AAM worldwide,” the companies stated in a joint press release.

At the XPONENTIAL 2024 expo in San Diego, the trio highlighted their commitment to spearheading the evolution of UTM technologies to meet the demands of the future aerial transportation sector. According to projections by Morgan Stanley, the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market, a subset of AAM, could expand to $1 trillion by 2040 and up to $9 trillion by 2050.

The collaboration aims to capitalize on the rapid advancement and public fascination with eVTOLs, which have demonstrated significant potential through test flights and prototypes. Enhancements to existing UTM platforms are underway, focusing on automation, advanced planning, and sophisticated Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) parsing capabilities.

The strategic updates are intended to introduce new functionalities crucial for the growth of the AAM industry, strengthening the platforms to support seamless integration of eVTOLs and drones into national airspaces. “By streamlining operational efficiencies and integrating sophisticated UTM technology into the design and operation framework of AAM, the partners aim to set new standards in UTM and to facilitate the seamless integration of eVTOLs and drones into the national airspace, bolstering the potential for the AAM industry,” the companies elaborated.

Moreover, Unifly, Terra Drone, and Aloft are actively engaging with a wide range of partners, including eVTOL manufacturers, operators, vertiport operators, aviation authorities, air navigation service providers, urban planners, and educational institutions. These collaborations are intended to foster a cohesive ecosystem that supports AAM growth while addressing broader urban mobility, sustainability, and air traffic safety challenges.

About the Companies:
Unifly is renowned for its role in enhancing autonomous aviation safety and efficiency with its innovative technology. The company has successfully implemented over ten commercial UTM deployments worldwide.

Aloft Technologies, founded in 2015, leads in drone fleet and airspace management in the U.S., having powered over 1 million airspace authorizations through its UTM platform.

Terra Drone, based in Japan, specializes in drone and UAM technologies, offering solutions that have revolutionized various industries globally, including oil and gas, construction, and agriculture.

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