Uvify sets record for most drones flown simultaneously

What’s the record for most drones flown simultaneously? As of May 2024, it’s 5,293.

That honor goes to Uvify, which is (unsurprisingly) a swarm drone company primarily known for putting on drone light shows. Uvify set the record on May 3 in Songdo, Korea. There, Uvify put on an artistic drone show featuring 5,293 of its IFO drones in a nighttime light display.

You can watch it here:

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Guinness World Record was on hand to confirm the feat. And that feat was not just technologically challenging to pull off, but also challenging from a government level. Uvify had to work with  local authorities and air traffic control to ensure safety and compliance with all regulatory standards. 

And here’s a pic of the team collecting their record:

Photo courtesy of Uvify

Uvify, which has offices in both South Korea and San Francisco, puts on drone light shows.

It also sells light show drones so you can put on your own drone show — should you want to launch your own light show business. These days, most people know Uvify for its IFO drone. That’s the same drone used in this record-breaking feat. Though exact prices vary, the IFO drone costs roughly $1,700 per drone. That includes all ground control systems as well as other software SW, 24/7 support, and training. Of course, you’ll likely not buy just one. Most drones have at least 50-100 drones.

And at $1,700 a pop, then putting 5,293 drones in the sky at once translates to $9 million worth of light show drones in the air at once.

AHS 7203AHS 7203
Photo courtesy of Uvify.

Of the light show companies that rely on Uvify drones, Sky Elements ranks among the biggest. They have put on well-known shows including Serena Williams’ gender reveal party and a Star Wars show. That Star Wars show stands out as the first one that Sally French, The Drone Girl, saw in person.

Before owning the drone light show space, Uvify dabbled in all sorts of aspects of drones. At one point, it had a racing drone called the Uvify Draco racing drone, which I reviewed many years ago.

By the way, if you still haven’t seen a drone light show with your own eyes — you have plenty of opportunity to do so. Check out my events page of all the top drone light shows in 2024.

AHS 7168AHS 7168
Photo of Guinness World Record drone show courtesy of Uvify.
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