2024 President’s Day drone sales: the best deals on camera drones, Part 107 courses and more

Happy 2024 President’s Day! Not only do we get a long weekend but we get another delight — some awesome deals on drones! There are tons of sales happening on major retailers like Amazon and B&H Photo, as well as smaller drone-specific companies, throughout the weekend.

So don’t stereotype President’s Day to just mattress sales. And don’t sleep on these sales, either. Here are the best drone deals (and deals on related drone gear) that you’ll find this 2024 President’s Day:

2024 President’s Day drone sales

2024 President’s Day Part 107 course sale2024 President’s Day Part 107 course sale

This President’s Day, you’ll save $120 off any (well, or all three) of the packages sold on Drone Pilot Ground School. The online school offers test prep courses to help people pass the Aeronautical Knowledge Test, which is required for people flying drones commercially to get a license under the FAA’s Part 107.

This is a killer deal. Last President’s Day, they were offering only $75 off, so $120 is definitely unbeatable. Even better? Drone Pilot Ground School happens to be my favorite Part 107 drone test prep course

Click this link and the $75 discount will automatically apply. (Try entering PRESIDENTSDAY24 if that doesn’t work).

The deal is available now, and you have all weekend to mull it over as it’s good through Tuesday, February 20 at 11:59 p.m. CT.

One bummer, you can’t combine the PRESIDENTSDAY24 with my DRONEGIRL50 promo code. It’s one or the other. But you’re better off with the former coupon code, if i’m being honest. I’d rather save $120 than $50!

2024 President’s Day DJI drone deals: discounts AND bonus freebies

There are a bunch of DJI drones on sale for 2024 President’s Day. Here are some of the top deals.


DJI Mini 2 SE sale brings beloved DJI drone under $300 (12% off)

A drone under $300? Yes, that’s the DJI Mini 2 SE, which is now $40 off (that’s a 12% discount). That brings the usual $339 price down to $299. That’s pretty unbelievable to get such a high-quality, safe yet beginner friendly drone for that low of a price.

PLUS, some retailers are offering a freebie gift with purchase. When you shop through DJI between now and Feb. 26, you’ll get a free aircraft sleeve, too ($9 value).

The deal is even better over at B&H Photo. There, you’ll get a propeller holder, which is a $14.95 value.

Of course, you might also buy it from Amazon. There’s no freebie gift over there, but you might prefer shopping there to take advantage of all the other Amazon benefits like free one-day shipping in most cities, fast and easy returns, and the ability to save an additional 5% by paying with the Amazon Prime Visa Credit Card.

Read my full review of the DJI Mini 2 SE here.

71aBg0U5rL. AC SL150071aBg0U5rL. AC SL1500
Amazon’s DJI Air 3 Kit is the priciest, but it also comes with the most bonus goodies.

DJI Air 3 Kit with freebies

The DJI Air 3 stands out for its dual-camera system. That means one drone has both a wide-angle lens and 3x medium telephoto lenses. Between now and February 26, the major retailers are offering some solid freebies when you by the Fly More Combo (DJI RC 2).

DJI itself is selling it for $1,549 PLUS a free DJI Sport Water Bottle, which it claims has a $25 value. B&H Photo is selling it at the same price, and you also get a water bottle. Their’s is a B&H-branded Klean Kanteen insulated bottle, which it claims has a $30 value.

Prices get a little more interesting 128 GB Micro SD Card, 3.0 USB Card Reader, Landing Pad, Waterproof Backpack . They’re selling a configuration that’s $150 more, but it might be arguably better given how many freebies you get with it. For the $150 extra you won’t get a water bottle, but you DO get a massive bonus bundle that includes all sorts of goodies including a 128 GB Micro SD Card, 3.0 USB Card Reader, Landing Pad and Waterproof Backpack.

DJI Mavic 3 Pro with DJI RC — and another freebies


The DJI Mavic 3 Pro is arguably DJI’s best overall drone for businesses. It’s ultra-powerful and a step up from the DJI Air 3. That’s because it adds a third lens to the system, with a 70mm f/2.8 medium telephoto. That’s on top of the 166mm 12MP 7x Zoom Telephoto and 20MP 5.1K Wide-Angle 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad.

This drone rarely goes on sale (we’ve seen some iterations of sales, but not with the DJI RC). And alas, it’s not really on sale, but maybe this might make your purchase a little more delightful. Both DJI and B&H Photo will give you a free water bottle with your purchase.

Just like the deal offered via the DJI Air 3 drone, purchases through DJI get a free DJI Sport Water Bottle ($25 value). Shop through B&H Photo, which is selling it at the same $2,999 price, and you also get a water bottle. This time, it’s that B&H-branded Klean Kanteen insulated bottle ($30 value).

By the way, find out more about why we love the DJI RC.

30% off DJI Avata sale matches Cyber Monday sale

IMG 0064IMG 0064
To fly Avata, you’ll need a controller, goggles and the drone itself. Pictured here are the DJI Goggles 2, DJI Motion Controller and Avata drone.

If you missed out on the 2023 Cyber Monday sale, here’s good news. That incredible 30% off the DJI Avata is back. It’s rare to see a deal this good outside of Cyber Monday, but here we are, with the usual DJI Avata Explorer Combo at just $889 (down from the usual $1,278 list price).

Though this drone is great for flying indoors, it’s legal to fly outdoors, too. That’s because it is also FAA Remote ID compliant with a built-in Remote ID module. The 30% off deal is available on both Amazon and B&H Photo.

Other great 2024 President’s Day deals that drone pilots will love

Those are some of the big, drone-specific sale, but I can’t help but share these other incredible deals.

30% off certain Samsung microSD cards

Screenshot 2024 02 14 at 10.47.27 AMScreenshot 2024 02 14 at 10.47.27 AM

There are a few deals happening over in Samsung lad for their microSD cards. The Samsung microSD Pro Ultimate, which is my upgrade pick for best microSD cards for drone pilots, is 20% off. That takes the $35 price down to just $28, which is even cheaper than my usual top pick, the Samsung microSD Pro Plus. So yes! Why not upgrade?!

And though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this for drones since it’s a bit slower of a memory card, don’t overlook the 30% discount on the Samsung EVO Select. It’s more of an endurance card, great for gaming and smartphones.

81JhrvAHCyL. AC SX67981JhrvAHCyL. AC SX679

50% off Roomba J7

Wow! 50% off the Roomba j7 is an incredible deal, bringing the $600 smart vacuum down below $300. If you’ve wanted to get your hands on a smart vacuum, this is the time.

I have to share this because it’s basically a drone in vacuum form. And did you know that former CyPhy Works CEO Helen Greiner is also the cofounder of iRobot (the company that makes Roomba)? CyPhy Works has since shut down (its assets were sold to FLIR), but the company was famous for making tethered drones.

20% off Apple AirTags

Screenshot 2024 02 14 at 10.53.57 AMScreenshot 2024 02 14 at 10.53.57 AM

Here’s another incredible deal that you don’t see often. The normally $100 pack of 4 Apple AirTags is down to $79, for a 20% discount.

For drone pilots constantly on the go, the AirTag is a potential hero for your drone bag. Especially if you have to check your luggage or are otherwise worried about losing your drone, the AirTag silently pings its location through the vast “Find My” network. An AirTag in your drone bag might just be the peace-of-mind upgrade you never knew you needed.

Screenshot 2024 02 14 at 10.59.45 AMScreenshot 2024 02 14 at 10.59.45 AM

75% off Tripp Lite TLP1008TEL 10-Outlet Surge Protector

Now this is a mind-blowing deal, as the Tripp Lite TLP1008TEL 10-Outlet Surge Protector has never been this cheap. Normally $65.34, it’s a steal now at just $16.38. Definitely don’t sleep on this deal.

Surge protectors are critical for tech people who are charging drones while also working on a computer with multiple monitors, stereos and other extras, and who might also be charging cameras or phones in the meantime. All that tech demands surge, spike and line noise protection.

Plus, this upgraded version has a diagnostic LED that clearly indicates power problems before equipment is at risk.

What other great 2024 President’s Day drone sales have you spotted? We’ll keep updating this post as we see more (and I anticipate more to come on Monday). But if you’ve got other deals we should know about now, please leave them in the comments!

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