CaddxFPV Ratel Pro: Analog FPV isn’t dead (yet)?

CaddxFPV Ratel Pro

Although one of the best manufacturers of analog FPV cameras for a long time, CaddxFPV has joined DJI’s digital HD FPV platform, then quickly made another change and focused exclusively on the Walsknail Avatar HD FPV transmission system. Honestly, I was surprised when I read about the release of the Rate Pro camera for the analog FPV systems that have had a significant decline in the last period.

The CaddxFPV Ratel Pro camera features a large 1/1.8-inch image sensor that provides 1500TVL resolution. The camera has a 125° field of view (FOV) and supports both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. Ratel Pro claims to provide superb image quality and outstanding low-light performance (0.00001 lux Min. Illumination).

Intended for bando and freestyling, the CaddxFPV Ratel Pro has a metal case for improved durability. It has a 19x19mm mounting pattern and a weight of 9.2 grams. Thanks to the wide power input, it can be powered from 4.5 to 27V (2-6S batteries).

CaddxFPV Ratel Pro’s key features

  • [Blacklight technology] Ratel Pro displays real color images during the day and black-and-white visuals at night, ensuring optimal visual performance in diverse lighting conditions.
  • [1500TVL resolution for digital-like quality] Ratel Pro delivers excellent daytime clarity, setting new standards in visual excellence within the analog camera domain.
  • [Large image sensor] Featuring BSI 1/1.8INCH large sensor and enhanced algorithm, the illumination is doubled compared to ordinary night vision cameras. Even in low-light conditions, Ratel Pro achieves outstanding night vision, providing clear and reliable imagery for uncompromised visibility.
  • [Wide Dynamic Range] Supports WDR, bounteously satisfying the pursuit of detailed shooting, whether in bright or dark environments.
  • [4:3 and 16:9 video formats] Designed with 125° FOV, Ratel Pro offers pilots a natural visual experience during flight, restoring the authenticity of the scenes.
  • [Crashproof design] Featuring a metal case, the lightweight design improves durability and heat dissipation.
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