EchoPilot AI

A highly integrated vehicle control and edge computing system designed to power next-generation uncrewed systems. The EchoPilot AI leverages the popular Ardupilot and PX4 projects, and uses Pixhawk open-hardware standards in combination with an Nvidia compute module to support computer vision, machine learning, autonomy, artificial intelligence and other advanced edge computing needs. The power of an advanced autopilot is seamlessly combined with high-performance computing, IP networking, cloud connectivity, RemoteID subsystem and flexible low-latency hardware accelerated video encoding.

The unique stacked design of the EchoPilot AI gives users the option to tightly integrate the EchoPilot AI into their own platform, or use our full-featured base/carrier board for the vast majority of IO needs. Our latest Rev1 update provides high-speed NVMe solid-state drive (SSD) support, an onboard 4G/5G modem slot and additional USB 3.1 ports for high-speed cameras and peripherals.