Ion Drone Propulsion reported that in April, Florida-based Undefined Technologies introduced its quiet (or at the very least reasonably peaceful) eVTOL drone, Silent Ventus. The drone is powered by ion propulsion. “Silent Ventus is a brilliant instance of our intent of producing a lasting, modern, as well as less-noisy metropolitan setting,” claimed Tomas Pribanic, Founder as well as CEO of Undefined Technologies, in the declaration. “The style brings us closer to our end product as well as allows us to display the dual-use of our modern technology.” According to Undefined Technologies’ site, the drone today “makes use of cutting-edge physics concepts to produce sound degrees listed below 70 dB.” This would certainly make it optimal for usage throughout the U.S., where appropriate sound degrees for property, commercial, as well as industrial areas vary from 50 to 70 dB.
“Ionic wind,” additionally called electroaerodynamic drive, is a physical concept that was initially recognized in the 1920s as well as defines a wind, or drive, that can be created when an existing is passed in between a slim and also a thick electrode. The air inbetween the electrodes generates enough drive to push a little airplane if sufficient voltage is used. Enjoy a history video clip on ION propulsion right here. For additional information, see an Undefined Technologies news release on Silent Ventus, below.

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