September 25, 2022

Silent Arrow’s Autonomous Resupply Gliders

As reported this year by’s The Warzone, gliders dropped from a variety of aircraft potentially could resupply small troop units in the field. Silent Arrow aims to resupply troops for half the traditional cost using disposable autonomous gliders. It turns out that researchers have already completed multiple deliveries using autonomous Silent Arrow GD-2000 cargo […]

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Virtual Sims Help Design Drone Controls

One aspect of UAV design is the control system, and virtual simulations are being used to design drone control systems. reported that this summer, Boeing conducted a digital simulation of an open autonomy architecture to have manned Navy aircraft control MQ-25A Stingray unmanned carrier-based tankers. Boeing virtually demonstrated how a Northrop Grumman [NOC] E-2D […]

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Aerovironment secures $20.86 million in Puma 3 AE for allied nations sales awards

Portable, rugged Puma 3 All Environment (AE) unmanned aircraft system provides immediate tactical reconnaissance capabilities for land and maritime operations Foreign Military Sales program promotes interoperability among U.S. and allied forces for joint operations Customers are among the more than 50 allied governments employing AeroVironment’s unmanned aircraft systems  AeroVironment, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVAV) a global leader in […]

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Iridium Announces Operation Pacific Waves

Iridium Communications Inc. ( Nasdaq: IRDM) today announced Operation Pacific Waves (OPW), a series of partnership-driven field exercises involving more than 20 organizations. Focused on the Indo-Pacific region, OPW will deploy Iridium® and Iridium Connected® equipment in live scenarios highlighting the Iridium network’s resilient, real-time and truly global capabilities. A variety of Iridium SATCOM field demonstrations will take place in coordination with […]

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Inuitive launches NU4100, expanding its Edge AI Vision-on-Chip IC portfolio

Inuitive Ltd., a Vision-on-Chip processors company, announced today the launch of its new NU4100, an expansion of its Vision and AI IC portfolio. Based on Inuitive’s unique architecture and advanced 12nm process technology, the new NU4100 IC supports integrated dual-channel 4K ISP, enhanced AI processing, and depth sensing in a single-chip, low-power design, setting the new industry […]

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bitsensing raises $10 Million in Series A Funding

bitsensing delivers radar solutions for autonomous vehicles, intelligent traffic management and now is expanding into optimizing radars for indoor usage with features for everyday wellness. The newly developed wellness solution not only provides sleep analysis and lifestyle recommendations to improve sleep quality but also delivers early-stage prediction of illness through the accumulated sleep data- the […]

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Boeing and Wisk unveil concept of operations for Urban Air Mobility

Automated and uncrewed aircraft are key to realizing Urban Air Mobility vision Planes would take off and land at ‘vertiports’ where passengers wait to board  ARLINGTON, Va. – Boeing and its joint venture partner Wisk today released a roadmap for transitioning to a future where automated and uncrewed aircraft can safely carry passengers and cargo in […]

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FAA investment allocates nearly $3 million for drones in disaster and emergency response

A big FAA investment is set to give more than $3 million to researchers looking to improve ways that drones can assist in disaster preparedness and in emergencies.  The U.S. Department of Transportation announced last month that the Federal Aviation Administration had awarded a combined $2.7 million to researchers, spread across five U.S. universities. Those […]

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