Landing Zones Canada and Airbus Defence & Space Sign Cooperation Agreement

landing zones canada target

Landing Zones Canada Inc. (LZC) and Airbus Defence and Space (ABS) are proud to announce a ground-breaking Cooperation Agreement that leverages the extensive expertise of both organizations in designing, developing, and employing high[1]performance Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS) for live training.

With a shared history of excellence, this collaboration will extend each company’s reach for both national and international markets. Amongst the portfolio of existing ABS Direct Targets that were co-developed in Canada at CFB Suffield AB, this commitment also includes the Do-DT45neo target system; a next-generation high-speed aerial target for land, naval and air force markets. The Do-DT45neo features new engines for greater speed, aerodynamic improvements that improve its manoeuvrability, and improved mission planning features that permit swarms and high-G evasive manoeuvres.

Spencer Fraser, Founder and CEO of LZC, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Our team at Landing Zones Canada is thrilled about the establishment of this new Cooperation Agreement with Airbus Defence and Space. With a wealth of common experience on similar platforms spanning several decades, our staffs are eager to work together once again to provide advanced and cost-effective training solutions for the Canadian Armed Forces here in Canada and abroad.”

Highlighting ABS’recent track record as a leading provider of advanced training solutions to the Canadian Armed Forces, Fraser added, “Airbus has consistently delivered top-tier training solutions to the CAF, recently conducting two very successful air defence exercises for the Royal Canadian Navy and its Allies in the U.S. and Europe.”

“This relationship with Landing Zones is an important step to operationally support the RCN and the Canadian Army for their Air Defence Training needs as well as the RCAF for its Air-To-Air training requirements…all of which can be done here in Canada cost-effectively.” Scott Hendry, Director of Business Development for Canada at Airbus Defence and Space, stated.

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