Rotor Lab announces new electric motor to support ASCA drone challenge

rotor labs RL22

Electric motor manufacturing company, Rotor Lab, has announced its intention to support companies selected for the Advanced Strategic Capabilities Accelerator (ASCA) first innovation challenge.

The challenge, which was announced last year, calls for the development of a sovereign uncrewed aerial system (UAS) and trusted autonomy industrial capability. 11 companies have since been selected by the ASCA to submit prototypes by April 2024, alongside a production plan showing how they will meet production requirements over 3 years.

CEO of Rotor Lab, Andrew Simpson, says Rotor Lab will be offering their newest innovation – a small but ultra-powerful and efficient electric motor – to companies taking part in the challenge.

“Rotor Lab’s new electric motor, RL22, has been specifically designed to address the unique requirements set forth by the ACSA innovation challenge – both in technical and sovereign production considerations.

“The motor itself encompasses smart integrated features and a sleek design, built using Rotor Lab’s proprietary design and production process. This allows us to rapidly produce cost-effective motors at the lowest lead times with a particular focus on safety and powertrain integration.

“Most importantly, Rotor Lab is based locally in Canberra and all design and production takes place in Australia. We have spent 18 months building out a secure sovereign supply chain for this critical component of a UAS, which is essential for any company wishing to claim sovereign capability for the production of the whole system.

“RL22 is just one product in Rotor Lab’s latest innovative product line which is being developed solely for sub-25kg UAS.”

Locally owned Rotor Lab is leading the charge as a supplier of electric motors that are manufactured onshore, seeking to counteract the current supply chain vulnerabilities of other commercial suppliers. The company’s carefully mapped sustainable supply chain proudly employs support from other robust local businesses as part of its mission to drive new capability in sovereign electric motor manufacturing.

Interested companies can contact Rotor Lab directly for more information: [email protected]

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