Vision Aerial – Herelink Tablet Mount

herelink tablet mount

Introducing the Vision Aerial Herelink Tablet Mount, a unique accessory tailored for professionals. Engineered to enhance your drone operating experience, this mount offers unparalleled screen visibility and control.  The Herelink Tablet Mount is manufactured using aircraft grade aluminum and built to endure any mission environment you need to operate in.

Compatible with a wide range of tablets, including the Microsoft Surface Go Tablets and various models from Samsung, and more, it ensures optimal convenience for every mission. Its robust design, along with innovative features such as adjustable viewing angles and optional dual battery banks for the “Indefinite Flight Package,” ensures that your tablet and Herelink controller are charged for all day operations. This provides uninterrupted operations and reliability for extended missions.

A must-have for any Herelink controller user.

Vision Aerial

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